Torch LMS: Employee Learning Management Simplified

Jake White, CEO, Torch LMSJake White, CEO
In the present digital era, E-learning has taken the business world by storm. Companies across industries are incorporating E-learning into their own training programs for increased capacity and results. E-learning content is deployed through advanced Learning Management System (LMS) applications. LMS facilitates better administration, standardization, tracking and reporting of employee training programs. However, with numerous LMS solutions flooding the market, these tools often lack useful features or a user-friendly interface. As a result, many LMS buyers are dissatisfied with their LMS solution.

In contrast to other modern learning management systems, Torch LMS provides businesses with a powerful yet intuitive framework which seamlessly addresses organizational learning requirements. Torch LMS was developed by Prometheus Development, founded by a Certified Professional of Learning and Performance in 2010. “Our solution empowers organizations with tools to deploy learning content, automate their training programs, and provides robust reporting and analytics options—all of this to increase compliance, competency and employee engagement,” states Jake White, Founder and CEO of Prometheus Development.

Torch LMS is an award-winning, cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that is scalable and accessible from a variety of desktop and mobile platforms. “Torch LMS is incredibly intuitive for learners and administrators. The system is easy to navigate, with common sense terminology that won’t confuse learners. We are obsessed with improving the user experience; and we see mobile learning and mobile responsiveness of our SaaS solution as a very important part of our value proposition,” says White. With the rise of the mobile workforce, access to training from a secure, mobile-friendly platform is becoming an essential part of ensuring organizational efficiency.

Reporting is also an important focus of Torch LMS. With the adoption of technologies in Business Intelligence (BI), predictive analytics, and big data, Torch LMS provides actionable data when and where you need it.

Torch LMS is incredibly intuitive for learners and administrators. The system is easy to navigate. We are obsessed with improving the user experience

Torch LMS offers dashboards that display meaningful data throughout the system. While many systems require administrators to export data to manipulate in a spreadsheet, Torch LMS eliminates this effort with its enhanced reporting tools. Torch LMS also places a significant focus on automation. “We don’t want a product that requires more work for someone; we want the system to eliminate work for someone—the system is only useful if it can take action and gets results.” Here are just a few of these automated features: automated email notifications, auto-organizing user groups, scheduled reports, auto-assign training requirement based on user data field, and much more.

As a single platform that provides E-learning content across an organization, it ensures each employee will receive the same training regardless of their start date; and the use of E-learning leads to extensive savings in travel costs and instructor fees. A large part of the company’s client base consists of retailers who face inherently high employee turnover. Retailers need a system to train new people effectively, to on-board them to full productivity as quickly as possible. Torch LMS helps reduce employee turnover and improve the company culture and adoption of business processes. The impact can be transformative to retail businesses. Similar results have been achieved with Torch LMS in many other industries.

Torch LMS also makes use of cutting-edge technology and functionality, including the Tin Can/Experience API, powerful evaluation and assessment tools, system branding for multiple audiences, integrations with third-party HRIS and content providers, and many other unique features. Torch also has an unmatched support team based in the U.S. to assist with your success.

Moving ahead, the company aims to lead the industry in reporting features, gamification, training reinforcement, enhanced automation, and ROI measurement tools. “We have an exciting and aggressive road map for Torch LMS, while we remain highly-focused on usability and simplicity,” concludes White.