Globoforce: Increased Employee Engagement for Productive Outcomes

Eric Mosley, CEO, GloboforceEric Mosley, CEO
Identifying the best employees and delegating tasks accordingly are the most crucial challenges faced by the HR personnel. According to Towers Watson, an American based HR consultancy, critically choosing an employee and recognizing the performance increases employee engagement by approximately 60 percent which in turn results in the accomplishment of business goals. In the present day HR arena, employee engagement is considered a core factor for driving productive business outcomes and enhancing employee efficiency. With an aim to help workforce gain double-digit increase in their engagement, the Southborough, MA firm, Globoforce using its strategic recognition program, offers a powerful tool. “Clients implementing our solutions and programs are able to achieve all their engagement requirements such as improved communication, direction, productive feedback, and recognition,” explains Eric Mosley, Co-founder and CEO, Globoforce. Organizations with good employee recognition experience an effective and a productive workforce as well as improved customer engagement and services.

Ever since its inception, Mosley directed Globoforce to be a successful innovator within the domain of employee recognition. Reflecting on his vision to raise employee recognition, the firm built a global strategic program comprising of clear measures for performance and success. The company’s cloud-based social recognition solutions also enable organizations to motivate and energize their employees. The software helps customers to reveal the true organizational performance and influence their employees’ strength for a better company culture. “Our solutions engage all the employees and encourage them to recognize and appreciate the workforce based on their daily input and contribution,” says Mosley.

Strategic Recognition, another versatile program offered by the company takes employee recognition to the next level, by transforming traditional, tactical employee programs into a more powerful engagement system.

We take pride in teaching our clients the core values that we deliver as a solution provider

This best-practice approach guarantees wealth of valuable and actionable data for talent and culture management. “With our employee recognition programs, clients not only energize and engage employees to achieve corporate strategic goals, but also manage and determine the top performers within the organization,” states Mosley.

When it comes to assuring client results, Globoforce stands miles ahead of counterparts by allowing customers achieve quantifiable Return on Investment (ROI). “Our success is often measured by our clients’ success. This reflects our business philosophy,” says Mosley. In one instance, Globoforce worked with Intuit, a provider of online accounting software for small businesses to increase employee performance with one of their recognition program. The client faced difficulties with their old merchandise catalog rewards program, as it delivered expensive rewards, outdated off-brand options, and caused breakage during shipping. Globoforce helped Intuit achieve enhanced performance, innovation, and service dedication. Deeply embedding the solution into their system, the customer gained nearly 99 percent of employees’ report understanding and 93 percent of recognition, which motivated them to gain higher performance within their enterprise.

“We take pride in teaching our clients the core values that we deliver as a solution provider,” articulates Mosley. Globoforce’s talented team of customer success managers; strategists and consultants; branding, employee communications, training and management experts help clients to answer important questions about social recognition for building a culture of appreciation in their enterprise.

Globoforce partners with companies and helps them build effective technical resources, branding, and design creative talent, which can transform their management team to develop a positive and dominated workplace. In the years to come, “We will continue to help our clients build and proactively manage a never-ending true culture of recognition and build better employee engagement,” extols Mosley.