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Workforce Management and Optimization Benefits Contact Centers
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Contact centers have operated by utilizing and maintaining their workforce for decades. The employees of an organization direct how a business should work and also determine its success and failure. Nowadays, a contact center can be operated from...

Organizations Need to Re-examine their WFM: Here's Why
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Workforce Management (WFM) solutions offer multi-dimensional value to people when it comes to driving improvements in employee engagement, customer experience, and profitability. When properly utilized, few contact center software platforms can...

Rethinking Integrations to Enable Data-Driven Decisions
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Matthew Brown, Director, Global Integration and API Consulting, Kronos Incorporated

The next time you sit in your vehicle, before you turn on the engine or even fasten your seatbelt, take a moment to close your eyes. Imagine what it would be like to drive without the real-time information provided by all the modern...

When It Comes To Workforce Management Systems, We Need Anthropology Before Technology
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T.J. Elliott, Knowledge Broker, Educational Testing Service (ETS)

When I was a boy in the 1960s, my uncle Brother James Elliott established the first computer center at Manhattan College in the Bronx. Trips to that site fascinated me. The size of the computer in its climate controlled and dust-free room...

Clevest Announces its Work Force Management Solution for Veridian Connections
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FREMONT, CA: Clevest Solutions, a provider of software for mobile workforce management and smart grid operations software, announces Clevest Workforce Management 5.1 for Veridian Connections, an electrical power distributer facilitating effective...

TimeClock Plus: Managing Employee Hours through Integrated Technology
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Scott Turner, VP of Marketing & Quality Assurance

TimeClock Plus allows customers to track time, saves money, and prevents stressful attendance management issues

REPL: Implementing World-Class WFM Solutions
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Mike Callender, CEO

Offering seamless workforce management solutions for enhancing employee engagement

Ultimate Software: Unified Cloud Solutions for Workforce Management
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Scott Scherr, Founder, President, & CEO

Provider of cloud based workforce management software.

SwipeClock: Simple. Affordable. Workforce Management
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Coleman Barney, President & CEO

SwipeClock is a leading provider of cloud-based workforce management solutions to more than 24,000 businesses through its 750 plus partners that lower labor costs, comply with regulatory mandates, and maximize profits....

ServicePower: Optimizing WFM through Intelligent Scheduling
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Marne Martin, CEO

A cloud-based field service management company which provides optimization tools for effective WFM to help improve costs and customer satisfaction....

Empower Software Solutions: Innovative Solutions for Effective Workforce Management
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Len Finkle, President & CEO

Provides an innovative human resource and workforce management systems.

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