How to Manage Technology Challenges and Enable the Employee Experience
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Tran Taylor, CHRO, Blucora

Human Resource and executive leadership teams are continually challenged to improve the Customer Experience, which starts with the Employee Experience and ultimately by the Candidate Experience. Today, candidates have a multitude of ways of...

Increasing Agility in the Enterprise with Digital Technologies
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Gaja Nagarajan, Executive Director, Cloud & Enterprise Apps, Maxim Integrated [NASDAQ:MXIM]

From the click of a button on a mobile app, we can get delivery of food, goods, and even maid and home laundry services. Millennials, in particular, are now more tuned towards self-service for many day-to-day needs. Their habits, along with...

Enterprise Workflow Automation: A Partnership between LOB and IT Leaders
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Eric Johnson, CFO, Nintex

Almost anywhere you look in IT these days, you hear the same narrative- “This new solution can reduce your IT department’s workload, freeing them to focus on more strategic projects." In the world of business process automation...

Missed a Promotion-Did you leverage your LMS?
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Steve Turner, Manager, Deloitte

Why keep learning? Every time this question is asked at work–the answer varies from “I want to be more productive” to “I want to gain more knowledge” to do things faster, better, and more efficiently....

3 Strategies to Optimize Workforce Management Technology
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Timothy Manhardt, Practice Manager, Kronos Incorporated

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” ─ Andy Warhol Think back to the last time your organization was involved in a process change-based initiative. What was the outcome?...

Demystifying Millennials: What the Next Generation Really Wants From Their Employer
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Jackie Breslin, Director of Human Resources Center of Expertise, TriNet

According to the Pew Research Center, millennials now make up the largest share of the U.S. workforce. Study after study on the art and science of attracting this powerhouse of employees has come up with the same result- millennials want what most...

Montage Introduces Latest-Interoperable Video Interviewing Platform
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LAS VEGAS, NV: With the growing trend of Live Video Interviewing, recruiters need to adapt best practices for conducting these interviews. Montage, a designer of purpose-built video interviewing solutions is coming up with latest interoperable...

CloudPay Control 2.0 Drives Deeper Insights and High Performance
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RALEIGH, NC: CloudPay, the cloud-based platform for payroll and payments enhances the functionality of its advanced solution, CloudPay Control to version 2.0. It solves the complexities associated with global payroll processing; encloses...

Findly Unveils CX Apply for Companies to have Better Candidate Experience
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Findly, an on-demand talent acquisition and a Symphony Technology Group (STG) company, announces the launch of CX Apply, a new mobile apply solution which will help employer to provide a faster, easier and better candidate...

Help Desk Technology Introduces ServicePRO, a Web-Based Work Management System
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TORONTO, ON: Help Desk Technology introduces ServicePRO Enterprise, a web-based work management system that can be used by any business unit or team to organize and generate a complete audit trail of activities related to tasks and projects. It is...

HR Technology Advisors Enables Benefits Brokers to Deliver a 'Consumer Centric' Model
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WRENTHAM, MA: HR Technology Advisors (HRT) has taken initiative in enabling benefits brokers to efficiently deliver a “consumer centric” model where service is provided directly to employees reducing an employer’s cost to manage...

SyncHR: Simplifying HCM For Mid-Market Companies
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Pamela Glick, CEO

An HCM cloud-based technology firm streamlining core HR, benefits, payroll and reporting in a single, enterprise-class application for mid-sized businesses

JobDiva: Powerful Applicant Tracking System
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Diya Obeid, CEO

Finds and delivers the best profiles from millions of resumes using world-class AI

RoboMQ: Automating Employee Lifecycle Management
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Bramh Gupta, CEO

Automate employee onboarding and manage employee lifecycle and role-based access privileges to save cost, provide better experience and reduce financial and regulatory risks

Squadley: Next-Gen Workforce Success
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Jennifer Farris, Co-Founder & CEO

Offers next-generation solutions to managers for the efficient management of workforce

OnePoint HCM: A Decade of Smarter Workforce Management Solutions
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David Miller, President

Offers a unified solution to maximize HCM efficiency and improve bottom line

Pandexio: Empowering the Next-Gen Workforce
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John Burge, CEO and Co-Founder & Bob Danna, Executive Chairman

Pandexio provides a SaaS platform to curate the content consumed by the workforce and create insights that can be shared across the different levels of the organization, enabling efficient flow of knowledge while...

Payfactors: Spearheading a Revolution in Compensation
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Shawn LaVana, CMO

Provides a suite of cloud-based compensation data management tools that are built using revolutionary technology

Kim Technologies: Automating HR Service Delivery
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Robert Farino, CEO

Empowers knowledge workers to design and maintain customizable process automation solutions without IT development

PayBridge: Unified Employee Engagement Experience
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Michael Tucker, VP, HR Management

PayBridge is a national provider of integrated payroll and human resource management solutions

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