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Be Flexible With Your S's: Don't Attempt to Change More Than Two S's At One Time
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David Halleck, VP Compensation, OfficeMax

The areas in business environment where solutions do not yet exist or not up to the mark, and which if existed, would've made job easier A few examples would include: • More robust staffing model which incorporates: business...

Hoozin: Empowering Digital Workforce with Seamless Collaboration
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Carwin Heierman, Director of Operations

Hoozin is a Social Business Software portfolio including trials, documentation, and SDK kits for developers. The enterprise allows Customers to materialize their Social Business strategy and meet their requirements of improved collaboration,...

Beamery: Proactive Talent Marketing
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Ben Slater, VP of Growth

Beamery is candidate relationship software built for companies that are proactive about engaging the best talent without just relying on applications

Glint: Re-engineering People Success
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Jim Barnett, CEO & Co-Founder

Leveraging real-time people data to provide managers with a holistic view of the organization’s health, the insight to predict problems, and direction to take action...

SoGoSurvey: Harnessing Data for Employee Engagement
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Hamid Farooqui, CEO

Delivers an easy-to-use survey platform to create surveys for various purposes of employee engagement and view the reports for multiple KPIs

REPL: Implementing World-Class WFM Solutions
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Mike Callender, CEO

Offering seamless workforce management solutions for enhancing employee engagement

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