Revolutionizing Workplace Communication through Innovative Approaches to Leveraging Technology
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Kaleana Markley, Director of Wellbeing, Sequoia Consulting Group

Ah, open enrollment season! For many companies who renew their benefits on a calendar year, the start of fall represents an exciting, yet stressful, time in which HR leaders are tasked with reviewing, projecting, and confirming the benefits that...

People Powered Digital Workplace
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Datin Rowena Florece, HR Director, Microsoft Malaysia

As I power up my Microsoft Surface in the cozy corner of Starbucks facing the park, I am scrolling through my inbox, typing rapid responses before my next appointment in an hour. Welcome to the new digital workplace, working anytime, anywhere at...

Balancing Democratization of Technology and Employee Collaboration
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Massimo Rapparini, CIO, Logitech

Slack! Box! Teams! Talk! Jabber! Zoom! Skype! Eko! Chat! Jira! A consultant once told me that humans are hardwired to process single-syllable words best, anything else is quickly dismissed or forgotten. So no wonder that my company is flooded...

Empowering Digital Workforce - From Desk to Click
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Datin Rowena Florece, HR Director, Microsoft

It’s a sunny morning in Kuala Lumpur today. Transforming my Surface Pro from a tablet into laptop mode, I begin to list the things that I need to do. Shortly after, the calendar notification reminds me that I have a meeting scheduled in...

The HR Tech Transformation
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JoAnne Kruse, CHRO, American Express Global Business Travel

Thanks to the rise of mobile technology, companies with a truly global workforce are able to connect like never before. A number of tools and virtual interfaces are enabling quick and constant engagement, making physical distance...

HR 2.0: Keeping Pace with a Changing Human Resources Function
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Cynthia Hiskes, Ex- CHRO,

As human resources professionals, we sometimes act as service providers rather than strategic partners. Strategic partnership relationships with HR and other central functions have been evolving for some time; at Cars. com, we’re focused on...

The Technology That Will Change Your Hiring: Video Interviewing
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Kurt Heikkinen, President & CEO, Montage

If “elevate talent acquisition” is your department’s business objective in 2017, then cloud-based video interviewing is critical technology to explore. However, not all video tech can deliver the same benefit. It is the...

Traditional HR Functions Moving Towards Social Media and Mobile
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Albert R. Quisumbing VP Global HR Programs, Edelman

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2013 and expectations A few years ago, HR was charged with implementing a formal succession planning program at the firm, since one did not already exist. The succession planning we were...

Qumu Corporation: An Enterprise Video Platform for the Employee Onboarding Process
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Vern Hanzlik, President & CEO

Provider of best-in-class tools to create, manage, secure, distribute, and measure the success of live and on demand video for enterprises

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