Successfully Implementing a Worksite Wellness Program
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Jayme Mayo, Wellness Director, Nabholz Construction

As companies look for new and innovative ways to contain the rising cost of healthcare, implementing a worksite wellness program is often considered one strategy. In recent times, however, wellness programs have garnered a reputation of being both...

Seven Challenges that Every HR Department Faces
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With the digital revolution gaining more steam with each passing day, HR teams have to deal with the transparencies that social media and related applications have introduced, to prevent increasing the complications in the recruitment process. The...

New "Voice of the Workplace" Pulse from NCHRA and Waggl Points to Concerns about Workplace Safety
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New “Voice of the Workplace” Pulse from NCHRA and Waggl Points to Concerns about Workplace Safety in Light of Mass Shootings and Other Types of Violent Behavior 61% of HR respondents are reviewing policies, and are concerned about...

Lessons Learned From a CIO
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John Miller, VP & CIO, American Textile Company

Everyone we encounter is a blessing or either a lesson we can learn from. I’ve been blessed abundantly by meeting wonderful people in my career and life. I have also learned many lessons from those whose paths crossed mine during 40 years of...

Transformative Technologies Impacting the HR Landscape
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Omar Reid, Director of Human Resources, City of Houston

Effort is nice, results count,” that mantra was the bedrock of my 26 year career at a Fortune 100 company and I continue to use it to this day. Under my leadership, I had oversight for more than 4,500 employees and we operated with a common...

Mediasphere: Automating Workplace Compliance and Performance Management
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Tony Carrucan, CEO

A one stop shop to build a simple induction course or publish module for certification course

Madison: Redefining the Power of Social Recognition
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Alex M. Alaminos, Managing Director

Delivers a cloud-based Social Recognition Technology and leverages scientific principles and findings...

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