This Is How AI Is Transforming HR
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Artificial intelligence branches into ever more varied sectors and fields of existence, saturated by increasing quantities of information. FREMONT, CA: With artificial intelligence’s increasing sophistications and its capacity to carry...

Providence Equity Partners Invests in TimeClock Plus
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Derek McIntyre, COO

The investment will be beneficial to both organizations in terms of market growth and profitability.   FREMONT, CA: A TimeClock Plus, an employee management software provider, has derived majority investment from Providence Equity Partners...

5 Things CIOs Need to Do for Elevating Employee Engagement
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As CIOs lean progressively on collaborative strategies such as connecting company and IT policies and guiding enterprise change projects, they often implement unique communication techniques and demand for more cooperation from staff. FREMONT,...

HR Tech Startups are Employing these Technological Trends
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Firms are leveraging various tools and technologies to improve their workforce capabilities and people management solutions. FREMONT, CA: Workforce management is a significant challenge that consumes significant time and energy. While the right...

How will Employee Recognition Drive Employee Engagement in the Workplace?
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Employee recognition is emerging as one of the significant factors that ensure talent retention and enhanced productivity in the workplace. FREMONT, CA – Organizations with well-trained and well-skilled workforce emerge at the forefront...

Enhancing Employee Recognition with API-Powered Solutions
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The incorporation of API powered employee recognition solutions has enabled organizations to enhance employee engagement. FREMONT, CA – The cutthroat competition in talent acquisition and retention is making it imperative for...

Jobsoid Simplifies the Recruitment Process with its Free Job Description Builder
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Robust HR solutions have introduced efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness in the HR operations of organizations. FREMONT, CA: The inception of robust HR solutions has empowered HR personnel to streamline operations and augment...

ThinkHR and Mammoth HR Amalgamates
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The compatible merger will deliver best-in-class HR solutions to more than 350,000 employers and will bring out new and innovative ideas. FREMONT, CA: The two firms ThinkHR and Mammoth HR recently merged; both are the leading providers of...

Communication and Culture: How to Win the Next Generation at Work
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Bill Baumel, Managing Director, Ohio Innovation Fund

As a venture capitalist, I’m exposed to startups in a variety of industries, including SaaS, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, med tech, pharma, and more. One of my firm’s most successful companies, Aware, provides a security and...

AI and ML Teaming Up for Powerful Results in Improvising Talent Acquisition
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Jamie Troiano, Founder & President

The power team of artificial intelligence and machine learning provides an all-round solution for talent acquisition and retention.    FREMONT, CA: PredictiveHR and ENGAGE Talent, team up to deliver a complete talent intelligence and...

Automation to Enhance Recruiters' ROI, See how!
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Recruiters' holy grail is to spot the right talent at the right moment with the right ad to bag higher and better ROI along with other beneficial outcomes. Automation holds the key to it.   FREMONT, CA: Modern recruiters operate...

Catchpoint's DEX Sonar will Augment Device Monitoring Capabilities!
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The integration of mobile devices and SaaS applications has necessitated efficient monitoring by enterprise to ensure the productivity of employees. FREMONT, CA: The proliferation of mobile data and the internet of things (IoT) in...

Acendre Looks to Expand, Collaborates with ICS Learning Group
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FREMONT, CA: The talent management industry is an ever-changing one. The organizations involved in talent management are looking to leverage the technological advancements to improve HR technology and adopting strategies and collaborating with...

Adapting Asset Management to a Cloud-Centric Reality
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Leo Barella, VP, Enterprise Architecture, AstraZeneca

What are the key challenges while adapting to cloud-centric asset management system?  With the evolution of IT—from conventional, on-premise version of the same client-server applications to the cloud—the growth of cloud...

Building Better Businesses with Strong Engagement
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Strattam Capital aims to build better business IT companies by eliminating growth constraints and enabling its portfolio companies to realize their fullest potential. The company employs a unique combination of investment and management to boost...

Enhancing Enterprise Identity Governance with Unique Innovations
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Global companies continue to transform because of their changing business needs. More companies are forcing their infrastructure to evolve. The companies choose various paths that reduce the needs for skilled personnel and limits infrastructure...

Riding the Benefits Technology Wave
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Wendy Carberg, Ex Customer Experience and Digital Lead, Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

The future of work has and continues to be a hot topic among experts weighing in on what the impact of automation will have on jobs and companies as a whole. The good news is that the conversation has shifted to a more positive one, focused on...

Which HR Technology Should I buy?
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Marc Havercroft , VP - HCM, Cloud & Digital Strategy And Transformation, SAP

One of the big questions I frequently get is “What technology should we use, Marc?” I always answer, “Well, what’s the business/ people strategy?” Eight times out of ten they respond they don’t have one, the...

The HR Tech Transformation
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JoAnne Kruse, CHRO, American Express Global Business Travel

Thanks to the rise of mobile technology, companies with a truly global workforce are able to connect like never before. A number of tools and virtual interfaces are enabling quick and constant engagement, making physical distance...

HRnext Announces Partnership with Evolution
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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: HRnext Holdings LLC, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership agreement with iSystems, Inc.’s Evolution HCM Technology, in which Evolution will license the HRnext Human Resources Information System...

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