Riding the Benefits Technology Wave
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Wendy Carberg, Ex Customer Experience and Digital Lead, Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

The future of work has and continues to be a hot topic among experts weighing in on what the impact of automation will have on jobs and companies as a whole. The good news is that the conversation has shifted to a more positive one, focused on...

Which HR Technology Should I buy?
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Marc Havercroft , VP - HCM, Cloud & Digital Strategy And Transformation, SAP

One of the big questions I frequently get is “What technology should we use, Marc?” I always answer, “Well, what’s the business/ people strategy?” Eight times out of ten they respond they don’t have one, the...

The HR Tech Transformation
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JoAnne Kruse, CHRO, American Express Global Business Travel

Thanks to the rise of mobile technology, companies with a truly global workforce are able to connect like never before. A number of tools and virtual interfaces are enabling quick and constant engagement, making physical distance...

HRnext Announces Partnership with Evolution
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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: HRnext Holdings LLC, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership agreement with iSystems, Inc.’s Evolution HCM Technology, in which Evolution will license the HRnext Human Resources Information System...

Cloud Exalts CHRO's Obligations: An In-Depth Discovery for the New Role
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Joseph Cabral, CHRO, Partners Healthcare

The job, which used to be inundated with so much of paperwork, compliance rules, and reports, has gone digital now. The roles and responsibilities for Chief HR Officers (CHROs) of today’s global businesses have changed significantly in past...

Data on Demand: The Next Frontier for Cloud in Human Resources
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Stuart Sackman, Corporate Vice President, Global Product and Technology, ADP

There is no denying that over the past five years cloud computing has transformed how businesses operate. While some departments have moved faster than others–for example, marketing teams were early adopters with social and collaboration...

Five Business Tech Trends for 2016
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Mike Gioja, CIO & SVP - IT, Product Management and Development, Paychex, Inc

It is unrealistic to think that business leaders will keep up with every new technology that emerges in 2016. However, recent technological developments will have a significant impact on businesses of all sizes, starting with the smallest of...

Missed a Promotion-Did you leverage your LMS?
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Steve Turner, Manager, Deloitte

Why keep learning? Every time this question is asked at work–the answer varies from “I want to be more productive” to “I want to gain more knowledge” to do things faster, better, and more efficiently....

Accelerating Application Deployment through the Cloud
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John Landwehr, VP and Public Sector CTO, Adobe

How Adobe Met Amazon in Three Acts: Applications Go Live: The business owners are anxious to deploy their newly acquired enterprise software solutions. The boxes of software DVDs sit idle for months as the server hardware and network...

Competitive IT: Earn Your Seat at the Table
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Michael Keithley, CIO, Creative Artists Agency

For the past 8 years of my career as a CIO, all of my decisions have been guided by my vision of IT for Competitive Advantage. From vendors, to toolsets, partners, staffing, organizational structure, relationships, and recruiting, all of my...

KPMG Releases Powerful Services for Oracle Cloud Applications
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Today to keep pace with the market, enterprises need to go through business transformation from time to time, KPMG, the U.S. audit, tax and advisory firm, has introduced two services for Oracle Cloud Applications at Oracle...

Transformative Technologies Impacting the HR Landscape
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Omar Reid, Director of Human Resources, City of Houston

Effort is nice, results count,” that mantra was the bedrock of my 26 year career at a Fortune 100 company and I continue to use it to this day. Under my leadership, I had oversight for more than 4,500 employees and we operated with a common...

Making the Transition to Software as a Service (SaaS)
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Pam Puetz, VP-HR Services, First American Financial Corporation

Consider including an analytics expert on your team–this is increasingly important with the advent of predictive analytics tools. Only about 4 percentof companies have achieved a mature model of predictive analytics, but analytics will...

Cloudy with a Chance of Rain
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Dan Staley, Principal, PwC

HR leaders are making significant strides to transform their organizations to meet the changing needs of a complex global business environment. But the technology options available to enable today’s business and people strategies can be...

iRecruit Partners with Spark Hire to make Recruitment more Easy
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FREMONT, CA: iRecruit, hosted SaaS, cloud-based recruiting and applicant tracking software has announced that its strategic partnership with Spark Hire, an online video interviewing platform which will make the recruitment processes more easy....

Mobile Talent: One-Stop Shop for Streamlined Recruitment Communications
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Christopher Lang, CEO

Mobile Talent enables recruiters to source, qualify and engage with job seekers faster and more efficiently—right on their mobile devices

RoboMQ: Automating Employee Lifecycle Management
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Bramh Gupta, CEO

Automate employee onboarding and manage employee lifecycle and role-based access privileges to save cost, provide better experience and reduce financial and regulatory risks

10Rule Strategy & Technology from Bottom Line Results, LLC- Optimizing People: Breakthrough Solution for Strategic HR Organizations
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Chris McSwain, President

Leveraging breakthrough brain-mapping science, offers a patented metric technology suite of solutions that target the root source of individual performance and wellbeing to achieve measureable improvement to individual and business...

Ximble: Predictive and Automated Time-Tracking and Scheduling
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Peter Swaniker, Founder & CEO

Ximble offers a multi-pronged cloud-based workforce management tool that goes beyond employee time-tracking and scheduling

Claro: Elevating Workforce Decision-Making
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Michael Beygelman, CEO

Offers a global platform of unique workforce insights that helps organizations identify and recruit diverse talent faster, improve employee engagement and reduce voluntary attrition

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