5 Ways AI can Improve Leadership Development
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Owing to its ability to automate processes and extract meaning out of massive data sets, artificial intelligence assist the leaders and make radical transformations across industries and businesses. FREMONT, CA: Conventionally, leadership has...

AI and the HR Imperative
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Puneesh Chaudhry, Strategic Advisor and Angel Investor, Launchpad Venture Group

AI and Machine Learning (ML) are all the rage these days, and rightly so. Like the Internet 20 years ago, AI/ML is a pervasive change that will affect nearly every function of every business. AI/ML are changing business workflows in...

Best Practices for HR Tech Transformation
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In terms of people management, evolving leadership approach, and digital HR is leading the enterprises with innovations and change. FREMONT, CA: In an ever-changing environment, organizations are under pressure to develop relevant digital...

Mobile HR: Driving Employee Engagement and Productivity
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The advancing technology offers new practices of engagement to magnify the productivity aptitude of employees. FREMONT, CA: The vibrant job market and external forces continue to rewrite the rules that govern businesses and interpersonal...

Emerging Technologies are Revolutionizing the HR Sector
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The introduction of AI and ML has enabled organizations to streamline their HR processes and automate operations, including screening, interviews, and onboarding. FREMONT, CA: The rapid developments in technology have revolutionized the HR...

Maximize your Recruitment ROI with Automation
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Automation streamlines the recruitment process and delivers results in a short span of time, effectively impacting the cost-per-hire. FREMONT, CA: Global talent shortage and the demand for faster hiring processes are two of the many...

Automation to Enhance Recruiters' ROI, See how!
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Recruiters' holy grail is to spot the right talent at the right moment with the right ad to bag higher and better ROI along with other beneficial outcomes. Automation holds the key to it.   FREMONT, CA: Modern recruiters operate...

Series B Financing Round Brings $45 million to AllyO
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The funding will enhance AllyO’s efforts to deliver enhanced recruitment solutions to employers across the world. FREMONT, CA: AllyO, a developer of AI-powered recruitment solutions, recently accrued $45 million in a Series B financing...

Facilitating VR-Powered Soft Skill Training
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VR-enabled training programs allow employees to visualize realistic scenarios and learn faster. FREMONT, CA: Soft skill training has always been a challenge yet an essential aspect of businesses that has numerous advantages ranging from smooth...

Winning the Race of Talent Hunt with Artificial Intelligence
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Companies across industries have increased their focus on candidate engagement, and the talent teams now have several tools at their disposal to assist. Artificial Intelligence has a great potential to make talent teams more productive while...

Improving the Hiring Practices for Higher ROI
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Companies that can improve the hiring quality are three times more likely to better their first-year performance than the companies who don't. FREMONT, CA:  A company is as good as its employees. It’s essential for a business...

Fun isn't all with Games as Gamification Restructures Team Building
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Gamification tailors exciting, educational, and fun learning experiences, offering additional benefits that conventional systems are unable to provide.  FREMONT, CA: Gamification has gained attention in the online world as a way to...

Technology can Promote Diversity in the Workplace!
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Technologies such as virtual reality (VR) assist organizations in simulating scenarios on educating the employees about inappropriate behavior. FREMONT, CA: Organizations across the world are taking steps to diversify their workforce....

When it Comes to Talent Acquisition, Data and Analytics go Hand in Hand
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With a data-driven approach and implementation of analytics, HR personnel can make more strategic decisions and achieve a competitive advantage. FREMONT, CA: Organizations are relying on HR departments for acquiring high performing talent. To...

Benefits and Technology
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Brandon Conkle, Director of Total Rewards, ChenMed

At first glance Benefits and Technology may seem like an odd pairing. Benefits are stodgy, and often defined by government terminology, such as pre-tax, Section 125 and 401K. Technology is associated with cutting edge, silicon valley, boom and...

Inbound Recruiting: Paving the Path, Connecting Talent to the Employer
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FREMONT, CA: Inbound hiring is a concept inspired by the inbound marketing philosophy. HR tries to create an environment through inbound hiring, where candidates are continually engaged with a company to seek a future employer. There are also many...

How To Manage Technology Challenges And Enable The Employee Experience
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Tran Taylor, EVP & CHRO, Nationstar Mortgage

Human Resource and Executive leadership teams are continually challenged to improve the Customer Experience, which starts with the Employee Experience and ultimately by the Candidate Experience. Today, candidates have a multitude of ways of...

AI and ML: Reshaping the Talent Acquisition Process in 2019
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The state of the workforce is changing, or one can rather term it as advancing with the emerging technologies. Though many are quick to vilify Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning technologies, on the contrary, these technologies are...

Redefining Human Capital Management
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Chad Richison, Founder & CEO, Paycom

Hiring top quality candidates is the biggest challenge for HR managers today. Gone are the days when HR managers used to advertise vacancies on job boards and hope that the position will be filled automatically. Since talented candidates have...

Ensuring Good Weather with Clouds
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Glenn Kurowski, SVP, CACI International Inc [NYSE:CACI]

Most of us remember the grade school memorization challenge of clouds: Cirrus, Stratus, Cumulus, Altocumulus—there were ten in all and to this day I can’t keep them all straight. Over a decade ago the term cloud arrived in Information...

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