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Trends that are going to change the HR industry
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Suitable candidates are considered as the assets for organizations. The hardships lead to be more strategic for the HR (human resource) team of organizations because HRs’ role is to recruit not only an employee but also understand if the...

Future-proofing in the Age of Disruption
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Wendy Edgar, Americas HR Director, EY

The future of work has arrived. Driven by new advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) as well as shifting employee expectations, the human resources industry is now at an inflection point in transforming to meet the...

Man-machine Association: Integrating AI in workforce
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While the fear of robots, aided by automation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and other technologies taking over jobs traditionally performed by humans has been deep-seated for a long time, researchers suggest that job...

Enabling a Digital Workforce: Upgrading yourself to stay relevant in the race for Super Intelligence
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Peter Malek, Director, Process Performance & Operational Excellence, VMware

Creating an Equal Playing Field Technology is perhaps the greatest equalizer and enabler of today and the future, as the saying goes “no one knows who you are on the internet.” The digital era including internet of things...

SabanciDx: Comprehensive HR Management Solutions
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Burak Aydin, General Manager

Provides an HR management solution that helps organizations efficiently track and evaluate their workforce

HCX Technology Partners, Inc.: Driving Value through Adaptive HR Solutions
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Ike Amigo, MD

Provides transformative technology specific to HR and core organizational services

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