Innovaccer Launches its Disruptive Care Intelligence SystemTM
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FREMONT, CA: Innovaccer, Inc., one of the fastest growing health tech companies, announced the launch of Care Intelligence SystemTM, a groundbreaking platform that combines the next-generation technology with healthcare’s best practices to...

Ready Software: A Unified Payroll Management Solution
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Rachel Swee, Founder & MD

A major player in the provision of payroll, human resource and fixed assets management software and services

Scout Exchange: Realizing Total Talent Management
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Jim McCoy, GM & CRO

A platform for marketplace recruiting

GetPayroll: Small Businesses Complete Payroll App
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Charles Read, President and CEO

Offers a complete payroll app for payroll and payroll tax compliance services for business with 1-10 employees

PenSoft: Accelerating Payroll Process through Efficient and Convenient Software
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Stephanie Salavejus, COO

Provider of accessible and convenient payroll processing applications.

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