Metrics in Big Data and What They Implicate for HR
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Big data in HR management is used for assessment and development of practices such as recruitment, training and development, performance, reimbursement, and overall business performance. FREMONT, CA: While the patterns in big data resonate...

5 Ways AI can Improve Leadership Development
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Owing to its ability to automate processes and extract meaning out of massive data sets, artificial intelligence assist the leaders and make radical transformations across industries and businesses. FREMONT, CA: Conventionally, leadership has...

The Latest Technological Trends in HRMS
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FREMONT, CA: The industrial revolution marked the handover of the economy from agriculture to the industrial sector. As the industrial setup evolved, it birthed the need for an efficient communication channel to look into the matters of the...

Consumerism in Human Resources
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Liane Hornsey, SVP & CHRO, Uber

The Human Resources (HR) operations have undergone a sea-change in the last few years. This is evidenced by the metamorphosis of the Chief Human Resources Officer’s (CHRO) role from that of human capital management to a consultative one...

The New Retention Model: Talent Science and Predictive Analytics
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Jill Strange, Director of Human Capital Management & Behavioral Science, Infor

The terms “talent science” and “predictive analytics” conjure up different meanings for different people. If there existed a Business Buzzword Dictionary (not a real book - yet), talent science would generally be defined as...

A New Wave of Innovation in HR
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Henri Vanroelen, CIO, SD Worx

How has technology influenced the HR function over the years? Technology has dramatically transformed the HR function in the last decade. Earlier, it was mainframes that ruled the roost with Citrix proving to be the best bet for client-server...