HR Technology: Changing Faster Than Ever
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Josh Bersin, Founder and CEO, Josh Bersin Academy

The HR technology landscape is changing faster than ever. And despite what you may believe, the cloud is not necessarily making it easier. A little history first. Over the last five years we have been heavily focused on moving HR...

Is Pay Transparency Suitable for Everyone?
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Leon Lam, VP & Head, Merit Medical Asia

What do Oracle, GE, Sony, Whole Foods (now part of Amazon), and Buffer (a US social media management company) have in common? For one, in the US, they all practice pay transparency, which allows employee access to compensation information and...

Driving Human Resource Data
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Gretchen Alarcon, Group Vice President, Human Capital Management Strategy, Oracle

HR Then & Now and the increasing role of Data Analytics—why does this matter and where is it used today? Historically, HR has focused solely on the core HR functions including hiring and recruiting, talent management, training,...

Designing Tools for the Multi-Generation Workforce
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Jeremy Ashley, Group Vice President, Oracle Applications User Experience

The workforce of 2020 will include five generations, meaning employee preferences and demands—from workplace tools to culture—will likely span an even wider range. While generational stereotypes often overstate differences (no, not all...

Inspiring Confidence
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Lisa Feigen Dugal, Chief Diversity Officer, Advisory, PwC US

Three years ago, when I was first approached to take on the role of Chief Diversity Officer for PwC’s US Advisory practice, I was extremely honored—but I have to admit—I was also slightly taken aback. Yes, I believed passionately...

Talemetry Unveils Upgraded CRM with New Sourcing and Candidate Tracking Features
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LAS VEGAS, NV: As the requirement of human resources goes up, the need for HR platforms and solutions also doubles. As a provider of HR software, Talemetry brings forth the new Fall Release to expand its Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) and...

ALCiE Payroll Suite-Merging the Views in Core Business Process
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MONTREAL, CN: ALCiE integrated solutions announced their new product- ALCiE Payroll Suite, a standalone application fully integrated with all ALCiE Editions. The product assists businesses in payroll management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),...

KPMG Releases Powerful Services for Oracle Cloud Applications
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Today to keep pace with the market, enterprises need to go through business transformation from time to time, KPMG, the U.S. audit, tax and advisory firm, has introduced two services for Oracle Cloud Applications at Oracle...

Triad HR: HCM Implementation Simplified
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Ronda Grimsley, Founder and CEO

Provides resources for successful HCM system solutions and technology implementations with project lifecycle management

Zalaris: Comprehensive, Multi-country HR and Payroll Services across Europe
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Hans-Petter Mellerud, CEO

European provider of HR and payroll outsourcing and consulting, serving clients and their employees with competence in local language and culture

RoboMQ: Automating Employee Lifecycle Management
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Bramh Gupta, CEO

Automate employee onboarding and manage employee lifecycle and role-based access privileges to save cost, provide better experience and reduce financial and regulatory risks

HCX Technology Partners, Inc.: Driving Value through Adaptive HR Solutions
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Ike Amigo, MD

Provides transformative technology specific to HR and core organizational services

Cisive: The On-Ramp to the Ultimate Onboarding Experience
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James C. Owens, CEO and President

Offers onboarding and pre-employment background screening solutions for positive candidate experience

Brilent: Harnessing the Power of AI in Hiring
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Garry Ma, CEO

Brilent combines AI and big data with a company’s applicant tracking system to help automate candidate prospecting

Madison: Redefining the Power of Social Recognition
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Alex M. Alaminos, Managing Director

Delivers a cloud-based Social Recognition Technology and leverages scientific principles and findings...

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