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Personal Mobile Devices at Work: Impact and Implications on HR
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Gary Lee, Global Head of Leadership and Organizational Development, Sivantos Group

If you walk around the streets of Shanghai, Tokyo or Singapore today, it is not uncommon to see passers-by glued to their smartphones. From staying constantly connected to one social network to getting around from place to place, personal mobile...

Enabling a Digital Workforce: Upgrading yourself to stay relevant in the race for Super Intelligence
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Peter Malek, Director, Process Performance & Operational Excellence, VMware

Creating an Equal Playing Field Technology is perhaps the greatest equalizer and enabler of today and the future, as the saying goes “no one knows who you are on the internet.” The digital era including internet of things...

Accelerating Application Deployment through the Cloud
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John Landwehr, VP and Public Sector CTO, Adobe

How Adobe Met Amazon in Three Acts: Applications Go Live: The business owners are anxious to deploy their newly acquired enterprise software solutions. The boxes of software DVDs sit idle for months as the server hardware and network...

Magellan HCM: Integrated Human Capital Management
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Lou Morin, CEO and Chris Bowerbank, VP Business Development

Provides a comprehensive suite of HR management tools to perform all human resource functions in one place

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