Navigate Communications: Simplifying Access to Employer-Provided Benefits Drives Engagement
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Steven Clark, Founder & CEO

Navigate Communications is a design and technology firm that specializes in the design, delivery, and management of employee communications, interactive sales presentations as well as traditional design and development services. The enterprise...

Zalaris: Comprehensive, Multi-country HR and Payroll Services across Europe
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Hans-Petter Mellerud, CEO

European provider of HR and payroll outsourcing and consulting, serving clients and their employees with competence in local language and culture

Mobile Talent: One-Stop Shop for Streamlined Recruitment Communications
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Christopher Lang, CEO

Mobile Talent enables recruiters to source, qualify and engage with job seekers faster and more efficiently—right on their mobile devices

SmartDrive Labs Technologies (SDL): Transforming HR with Easy to Use Solutions
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Vani Sathvik, Founder and CEO

Provider of ERP, CRM and Human Resource Management Software

iHire: Scripting a Better Candidate Experience for Improved Hiring
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Steve Flook, President

iHire provides recruitment solutions that are dedicated to connecting employers with qualified professionals who match the exact skill set

Fusion Recruiting Labs: Employment Tools Built For The Mobile Era
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Alex McKeown, CEO

Builds employment tools that accelerate hiring processes and increase the efficiency of recruitment advertising campaigns

Cisive: The On-Ramp to the Ultimate Onboarding Experience
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James C. Owens, CEO and President

Offers onboarding and pre-employment background screening solutions for positive candidate experience

ClubPay: Automated Payroll Administration for Clubs
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Vache Hagopian, Managing Director

Provider of choice for private clubs wishing to outsource their payroll and HR functions

GreenJobInterview: The Virtual Interview Specialist
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Ryan Mulholland, President & CEO

Providing video interviewing solutions across desktops and mobile devices that reduce the time and costs associated with scheduling and conducting interviews

Workplace Systems: Automated Schedules with Employee Inputs
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David Farquhar, Group CEO

The firm offers SaaS products that make optimized schedules to meet forecasted traffic demands, provides enhanced customer experience and revenue growth.

Ultimate Software: Unified Cloud Solutions for Workforce Management
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Scott Scherr, Founder, President, & CEO

Provider of cloud based workforce management software.

SwipeClock: Simple. Affordable. Workforce Management
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Coleman Barney, President & CEO

SwipeClock is a leading provider of cloud-based workforce management solutions to more than 24,000 businesses through its 750 plus partners that lower labor costs, comply with regulatory mandates, and maximize profits....

Planday: Planday Revolutionizes Workforce Management for Shift-based Businesses
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Christian Broendum, CEO

Planday is an all-in-one workforce management system that makes employee scheduling, payroll and team communication fast, online and mobile.

Asure Software: Making Realistic Decisions for Workforce Management
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Patrick Goepel, CEO

Provides decision-making tools for the betterment of labor workforce.

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