HR Technology: Changing Faster Than Ever
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Josh Bersin, Founder and CEO, Josh Bersin Academy

The HR technology landscape is changing faster than ever. And despite what you may believe, the cloud is not necessarily making it easier. A little history first. Over the last five years we have been heavily focused on moving HR...

Optimizing Performance and Overcoming Digital Distraction with Mindfulness
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Jacqueline Carter, International Partner & North American Director, Potential Project

Though most of us cannot imagine a working reality without technology, from an HR perspective, we should not underestimate the impact digital tools are having on our minds and our ability to be effective. Research on the nature of our attention...

People Powered Digital Workplace
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Datin Rowena Florece, HR Director, Microsoft Malaysia

As I power up my Microsoft Surface in the cozy corner of Starbucks facing the park, I am scrolling through my inbox, typing rapid responses before my next appointment in an hour. Welcome to the new digital workplace, working anytime, anywhere at...

Wireless First for Microsoft Employees
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Brent Hermanson, Principal Manager, Microsoft [NASDAQ:MSFT]

Real-time collaboration and modern work environments require people to be mobile and untethered from their traditional desktops. Our employees expect a seamless wireless experience across multiple devices, starting with ease of connecting to our...

Empowering Digital Workforce - From Desk to Click
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Datin Rowena Florece, HR Director, Microsoft

It’s a sunny morning in Kuala Lumpur today. Transforming my Surface Pro from a tablet into laptop mode, I begin to list the things that I need to do. Shortly after, the calendar notification reminds me that I have a meeting scheduled in...

Workplace Safety Augmented by AI
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The term artificial intelligence (AI) has been to known to bring the vibes of a futuristic vision with complete dependency on robots, with a slight hint of fear of losing employment to machines. The point of AI is a very vast subject of discussion...

Technologies Cool-Off Sweats for HR But, Don't Let It Take Over
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John Jersin, Head of Recruiter & Sourcing Product, LinkedIn

1. What do you think are the biggest challenges that HR technologists face in working in a more agile and outcomes-based model? The biggest challenge I see over the next several years is getting more sophisticated about measuring and...

Employee Engagement in the Digital Age
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Robert Ruocco, VP & CTO, BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York

Today, the single word most heard by CIOs is “digital.” The term digital is so widely used in our industry that most people get confused as to what is actually being referenced at any given time. Most often, digital refers to the...

Help Desk Technology Introduces ServicePRO, a Web-Based Work Management System
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TORONTO, ON: Help Desk Technology introduces ServicePRO Enterprise, a web-based work management system that can be used by any business unit or team to organize and generate a complete audit trail of activities related to tasks and projects. It is...

HR Technology Advisors Enables Benefits Brokers to Deliver a 'Consumer Centric' Model
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WRENTHAM, MA: HR Technology Advisors (HRT) has taken initiative in enabling benefits brokers to efficiently deliver a “consumer centric” model where service is provided directly to employees reducing an employer’s cost to manage...

Leadership IQ: The Science Behind Great Leadership
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Mark Murphy, Chairman & CEO

A ground-breaking leadership training and research firm

Baker Tilly Vantagen: Bringing Best-in-Class Technology to HR
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Kimberly Duffy-Wylam, President and Managing Partner

Provides high touch, flexible, and customized solutions in the HR consulting and benefits administration space

OnePoint HCM: A Decade of Smarter Workforce Management Solutions
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David Miller, President

Offers a unified solution to maximize HCM efficiency and improve bottom line

Kintone Corporation: Making Workforce Management Seamless
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Dave Landa, CEO

Develops a centralized solution, layered with an array of collaborative tools designed to streamline HR projects and workflows

Qwalify: Humanizing the Talent Acquisition Experience
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Phil Noelting, CEO

Delivers talent engagement technologies that harness the power of branded conversation to usher in a paradigm shift in recruiting

Brilent: Harnessing the Power of AI in Hiring
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Garry Ma, CEO

Brilent combines AI and big data with a company’s applicant tracking system to help automate candidate prospecting

Execupay: White-glove Payroll Experience
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Gerald Stowers, CEO

Provides HR solutions covering payroll, time and labor management, talent acquisition, talent management, and HR management to companies of all sizes

CheckMark: The Doorway to Efficient Payroll Processing
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Mohammed Ghani, President & CEO

Provides, fast, easy-to-use, affordable payroll and accounting solutions to small and medium-sized businesses

Appreiz: Reshaping Talent Management Using Social Recognition
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Jayashree Venkataraman, Founder & CEO

Provider of an innovative employee recognition system and corporate social network

OfficeAccord: Fostering Connections beyond the Office
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Michael Noland, Co-founder & COO

An employee digital bulletin board for communicating non-work related matters with your colleagues

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