When It Comes To Workforce Management Systems, We Need Anthropology Before Technology
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T.J. Elliott, Knowledge Broker, Educational Testing Service (ETS)

When I was a boy in the 1960s, my uncle Brother James Elliott established the first computer center at Manhattan College in the Bronx. Trips to that site fascinated me. The size of the computer in its climate controlled and dust-free room...

How Gamification can Redefine a Company's Work Culture?
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Not every employee succeeds in delivering excellence when it comes to performance. Historically, the associated HR used to convey reports to such under-performing employees, thereby crushing their motivational instincts. These situations prove to...

Gamification in Enhancing Talent Management
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Gamification is constantly being used in building customer loyalty as well as gaining insights into their behaviour. Its application also helps companies with talent management, especially in attracting, engaging, motivating and retaining...

5 Reasons Your Recruiting Efforts Are Failing
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Ben Slater, VP of Growth at Beamery

In today’s highly competitive recruiting environment, finding and retaining top talent is harder than ever before. In fact, according to Beamery’s 2017 report on the State of Talent Acquisition, an overwhelming 94% of recruiters...

Scripting a Comprehensive Workforce Strategy
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Raleen Gagnon, Director Market Intelligence & Strategy, ManpowerGroup Solutions

Even in this contemporary era, gaps prevail in the marketplace when it comes to the human aspect of human resources technology and analytics. Most often, providers are caught up with metrics, internal performance figures, and cost associated with...

How to Turn People Data into Actionable Business Intelligence
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Adam Hale, EVP, Sage People

Intelligent use of data has been touted as the route to success for business units including marketing, sales and finance, and now we’re finally starting to see an understanding of the benefits of data science in people management....

The Transformation of IT Services
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Joel Steigelfest, CIO, Oasis Outsourcing

The role of the CIO is to be an integral member of the executive team focused on accelerating business success through proposing technology-enabled business opportunities, process optimization/ automation and user experiences that match...

Consumerism in Human Resources
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Liane Hornsey, SVP & CHRO, Uber

The Human Resources (HR) operations have undergone a sea-change in the last few years. This is evidenced by the metamorphosis of the Chief Human Resources Officer’s (CHRO) role from that of human capital management to a consultative one...

Balancing Three Business Dimensions-Operational, Tactical and Strategic
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Joel Steigelfest, CIO, Oasis Outsourcing

Today, the role of the CIO is to be an integral member of the executive team focused on accelerating business success through proposing technology-enabled business opportunities, process optimization/automation and user experiences that match...

Data on Demand: The Next Frontier for Cloud in Human Resources
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Stuart Sackman, Corporate Vice President, Global Product and Technology, ADP

There is no denying that over the past five years cloud computing has transformed how businesses operate. While some departments have moved faster than others–for example, marketing teams were early adopters with social and collaboration...

HR Landscape in an Era of Disruptive Technologies
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Bala V Sathyanarayanan, EVP of Business Transformation & CHRO, Xerox

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services polled 362 executives, including CEOs and CHROs recently. One of the key findings was that lack of analytical skills is holding HR back. Respondents (24 percent) chose this as the biggest obstacle to using...

A Systematic Approach to Learning and Development
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Deborah Johnson, Senior Manager, L&D, Deloitte Services LP

corporate learning and development (L&D) teams may no longer be able to rely solely on the LMS, LCMS or CMS systems to meet organizational needs. Innovation and technology disruption can drive rapid evolution of the learning profession. These...

The ABCs of ABM: What HR tech companies need to know about Account Based Marketing
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William Wickey, leads Content and Media Strategy, LeadGenius

While everyone knows their ABCs, there is currently a growing buzz about ABM, or Account Based Marketing. To keep abreast of the latest trend, human resource tech firms considering this strategy stand to be well served by this efficient approach...

Creating a Better ROI in Recruitment by Leveraging Digital Technology
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Roger Stanton, President & CEO, Digi-Me

Today, there are so many intricate and moving parts in the daily life of a CIO. Without a handle on what is going on throughout the organization, it would be impossible to truly maintain efficiencies. Granule, detailed data is necessary in order...

3 Ways to Re-ignite Innovation & Develop Breakthrough Technology
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Kristen McAlister, President/COO, Cerius Interim Executive Solutions

In the age of globalization and the web, products and services evolve from being unique to becoming a commodity in a very short period of time. This puts tremendous pressure on technology organizations to continually innovate in order to maintain...

The Rise and (Impending?) Fall of the Chief Digital Officer
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Mike Doonan, Partner, SPMB

Large corporate enterprises are under enormous pressure from customers and investors to transform themselves into something more interesting and valuable than they are today. Every industry vertical—from retail and telecom to energy and...

Revolutionizing HR with Big Data
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Wendy Murphy, Head Chief Human Resources Practice, RSR Partners

Human resources professionals have long collected data, amassing and filing employee personnel information, salary rates, benefits, tenure and retirement information, and performance ratings. But the data game is growing—it is no longer...

The Challenges of Data Privacy, Health Engagement, and Employee Benefits
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Jennifer Benz is Senior Vice President and Communications Leader at Segal Benz

Large employers are increasingly looking to smart technology and the data it yields to tackle the challenges of employee benefits engagement and health care costs. Programs are increasingly high-impact, enabled by modern technology and user...

The Growing Impact of Technology on Recruitment
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Laurie Zaucha, VP HR & Organizational Development, Paychex

With the advent of the internet, social media, and high-tech applicant tracking systems, a world that was once dominated by a reliance on prospective employees haphazardly finding your company, now requires employers to take a proactive approach...

People Power Through Predictive Analytics
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Cecile Alper-Leroux, VP of HCM Innovation, Ultimate Software

By suggesting a probable future for your employees, predictive analytics gives senior executive leaders greater confidence that the organization is headed in the appropriate direction. While many companies have incorporated predictive models...

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