How Chatbots are Revolutionizing Human Resource Process and Management
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Human resource (HR) processes and routines are changing rapidly with the help of artificial intelligence-enabled HR chatbots which are quick and designed to do a tedious, mundane, and repetitive task. Traditional HR process and record maintenance...

Eight Lessons in Leadership
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Sharon Gietl, VP-IT & CIO, The Doe Run Company

One day, while using a new lab instrument, a scanning spectrophotometer, I noticed the lab procedure had recorded the wavelength reading at the shoulder of the analysis curve instead of at its peak. That didn’t make sense so I asked Tom, my...

Digitalisation Making People Services Stronger
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Luigi Maria Fierro, Head of HR Strategy and Innovation, ING Bank

How can companies offer personalized people services that build capability and engagement and at the same time streamline bureaucracy? The answer is in IT, which standardizes platforms, strengthens data capabilities and helps customize solutions...

How CIOs Can Power a More Effective Workplace
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Bob Bruns, CIO, Avanade

If someone asked what you consider to be one of the top competitive differentiators for today’s enterprises, what would you say? Business model innovation? Highly differentiated products or services? Attracting top talent? Something else?...

In a Brave New World, Recruiting Looks a Lot Like Marketing
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Chris Cho, Chief Product Officer, Monster

The digital age pushed many of us to believe that technology would solve everything. By taking over rudimentary tasks and automating others, tech developments would free up our time to focus on higher priorities—and maybe even cut our...

Transforming Your Small to Mid-Sized HR Department through Technology
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Tracie Sponenberg, SVP, Human Resources, The Granite Group

SHRM, the world’s largest HR professional society, previously offered a technology track at their annual conference.  It was an amazing opportunity to learn about the ways HR can leverage technology to transform departments and...

Creating a Better ROI in Recruitment by Leveraging Digital Technology
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Roger Stanton, President & CEO, Digi-Me

Today, there are so many intricate and moving parts in the daily life of a CIO. Without a handle on what is going on throughout the organization, it would be impossible to truly maintain efficiencies. Granule, detailed data is necessary in order...

Is HR Paralyzed by Analytics?
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Pamela Harding, CHRO & Director-Corporate Operations, Next Dimension Media

Big Data. Internet of Things. Driverless cars. Who would have thought about any of these things just five years ago? We are in the midst of a technological revolution that gathers more momentum every day. We are collecting data from multiple...

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Organizations Need to Re-examine their WFM: Here's Why
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Workforce Management (WFM) solutions offer multi-dimensional value to people when it comes to driving improvements in employee engagement, customer experience, and profitability. When properly utilized, few contact center software platforms can...

Legal Knowledge Management and the Rise of Artificial Intelligence
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Christopher Zegers, CIO, Lowenstein Sandler LLP.

Sue, partner at BigLaw LLP, has made a career of surpassing her clients’ expectations. This is no trivial task. More often than not, Sue’s clients ask her to develop a strategy and budget to solve problems they cannot clearly define....

Emotion AI: The Heart of Marketing Innovation
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Natalie Monbiot, SVP/ Futures, Starcom USA

Emotion AI, once the ‘ugly stepchild’ of artificial intelligence, its moment, as revealed at the inaugural Emotion AI Summit at MIT Media Lab in September. It is poised to create a step-change across all sorts of sectors, including the...

Using Technology to Take Advantage of These Workforce Trends
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Liz Gelb-O'Connor, VP, Global Head of Employer Brand & Marketing, ADP

The talent landscape continues to evolve in an ever-tightening global labor market. With record-low national unemployment and 10,000 Baby Boomers exiting the workforce daily, today’s workforce has many options, and job seekers are becoming...

Tweeting is not just for the Birds
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Paul Lesser, Head of Talent Acquisition, Fidelity Investments

As a 23-year veteran at Fidelity I have been fortunate to hold a number of roles across the organization. However, my latest role feels a bit like a homecoming. My very first position at the firm was in staffing—and, now after all this time,...

Technology Breaks the HR Language Barrier
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Gary Russo, Director Workforce Intelligence, Providence Health & Services

Business urgency for Human Resources to rapidly transform its role from transactional to full-fledged strategic contributor has reached the boiling point. Salaries and wages, already a top expense, are experiencing pressures to increase, with...

Bringing HR Analytics a Bit Closer to the Business
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Martin Jessen, VP HR Strategic Customers and Segments, Schneider Electric

I feel very optimistic about the HR function and get the impression that we have never been closer to become a function that professionally uses data and analytics to deliver insights, diagnostics, scenarios, and predictions to deliver real value...

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Getting Back To Human
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John Gillardi, Executive Director, Ernst & Young LLP

The race is on for businesses to fully leverage digital technologies to transform the way they generate revenue and operate. We have seen digital disrupting everything from taxicabs to travel agents in our everyday lives, and these consumer...

Hodges-Mace Reveals How Employers and Employees Can Reach Benefits Satisfaction via Decision Support Tools during June 26 Webinar - Register Today!
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ATLANTA: Hodges-Mace, LLC, an award-winning benefits delivery innovator, presents “Can’t Get No Benefits Satisfaction,” on June 26, at 1:00 pm ET. During the one hour webinar Tracy Funk, VP of Carrier Solutions, will reveal...

Balancing Democratization of Technology and Employee Collaboration
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Massimo Rapparini, CIO, Logitech

Slack! Box! Teams! Talk! Jabber! Zoom! Skype! Eko! Chat! Jira! A consultant once told me that humans are hardwired to process single-syllable words best, anything else is quickly dismissed or forgotten. So no wonder that my company is flooded...

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