Here Are Five Ways to Monitor Performance with Employee Training Software
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In the wake of launching the web-based preparing program, the following stage is assessing its viability. Users generally need to monitor whether the procedure was effective or not. FREMONT, CA: With the rapid growth of technology, even the...

Revamping the Hiring Process with AI
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AI for recruitment is an evolving HR technology category intended to decrease or even eliminate time-consuming tasks and provide greater possibilities. FREMONT, CA: Advances in technology continue to make HR professionals' efficiencies...

The Latest Technological Trends in HRMS
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FREMONT, CA: The industrial revolution marked the handover of the economy from agriculture to the industrial sector. As the industrial setup evolved, it birthed the need for an efficient communication channel to look into the matters of the...

Corporate LMS: One Size Does Not Fit All
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Sarah Waltman, Senior Director, Talent Management, Domtar

A centralized learning management system (LMS) should be the backbone of an organization’s training program, but it is rarely “plug-and-play.” It takes patience and a big-picture view of talent development to create a sustainable...

Learning Management: The Secret to Performance Development Driving Positive Business Outcomes
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Laurie Zaucha, Vice President of HROD, Paychex

I challenge you to step back and think about how you manage employee performance at your organization. How frequently are you evaluating employee performance? Are you still doing so annually or have you introduced a program that drives more...

Key needs from future learning technologies
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Rebecca Ellis, Ex Director, Allision, PLC

In the early 2000s, I implemented my first learning management system (LMS). I was leading learning at a healthcare company that was concerned about tracking compliance and regulatory-related learning. The system was cumbersome to administer and a...

How LMS solutions can be Effective for Employee Training Programs
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Employee engagement and retention are two of the most crucial aspects of a business organization. A happy and engaged employee can go the extra mile in ensuring efficient business growth for companies. Training and other professional development...

Reaping the Benefits of LMS
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Employee engagement is important in enhancing an organization’s productivity and profitability. Increase employee engagement , there will be an increase in the turnover of a company and benefit the employees. The Learning Management System...

Our Blockbuster Moment: How The Digital Revolution is Changing the Employee Experience
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Tobias J. Washington Director, Learning Experience, Design & Technology, CHRISTUS Health

One of my fondest memories growing up was those Friday night visit to our local Blockbuster video store.  I recall as soon as you entered the store you immediately begin to gaze upon the wall to wall movies. Usually, these stores were large...

Choosing the Right LMS to Enhance Business Efficiency
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In recent years, learning management systems have emerged as a revolutionary way of managing and monitoring training in any organization. The way organizations approach education been revolutionized by LMS. Since continuing education is...

Benefits of Open Source Over Proprietary LMS Solutions
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Technology has intervened in all kinds of business processes ranging from data analytics to employee training.  Many organizations have started to adopt LMS for their employee training and learning. LMS stands for learning management system...

Noteworthy Pitfalls HR Department Should Avoid
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In conducting recruitment and selection, orientation, maintaining a good working environment, managing employee relations and so on, the human resource department has a key role to play. The entire Human Resource Department should make sure these...

HR Management Strategies in Alignment with Changing Trends
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When a robot rings the phone, one can usually predict right away. The voice seems to be melodic, rarely stumbles, and continuous without breaks. But it’s not in the case of HR tasks.  HR prediction is mainly dependent on fact-based...

Upgrading Learning Methodologies with Unique Innovations
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The learning landscape has completely changed today. Advancements in the technology are disrupting the functioning of many organizations. Digital learning acts as the force that motivates the workplace learners to move the organization...

Integration of HR and Learning Management System
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Learning management system (LMS) provides learning through collaboration, observation, and interactions. LMS improves employee engagement and outcomes of the organizations. LMS also caters a platform to share knowledge and ideas among learners....

Enhancing Employee Engagement through LMS
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Employee engagement creates an optimum working condition that enables staff to willingly work to achieve an organization’s goals while enhancing the sense of their well-being. Organizations with lower employee engagement are struggling in...

Tips to improve LMS adoption
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Learning management system (LMS) provides learning through collaboration, observation, and interactions by embracing social learning. LMS improves employee engagement and outcomes of the organizations. LMS also cater a platform to share knowledge...

Transforming Your Small to Mid-Sized HR Department through Technology
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Tracie Sponenberg, SVP, Human Resources, The Granite Group

SHRM, the world’s largest HR professional society, previously offered a technology track at their annual conference.  It was an amazing opportunity to learn about the ways HR can leverage technology to transform departments and...

HR Functions: Digitize, Become Irrelevant or Die?
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Beth Giglio, SVP Human Resources, 84.51°

The number of articles published on Human Resources’ (HR) digital transformation continues to surge. For me, all these articles suggest that the HR function must evolve to meet the needs of its prospective, as well as existing employees...

Phased Approach to Add Job-Specific Training
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Michael G. Johnson, CHRO, UPS

Using HR solutions to improve effectiveness Beginning in 2008, UPS began to transform our HR processes to provide solutions to the organization, to drive results and business outcomes. HR solutions can be demonstrated, in part, through our...

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