Here Is The Process of Making a Great Leader
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The age-old saying, “Great Leaders are not born, they are made,” is still holding true as in modern organizations leadership development are prevalent. FREMONT, CA: Leaders are the reason an organization either thrives or crumbles....

The Rise of the New Leadership Development Models
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New levels and goals carve a path for employees first to get a hold of their technical skills and then later evolve as a leader as they advance in their careers. Fremont, CA:  Agencies are forming new and improved leadership models vital...

The Opportunity: Learning Agility & Leadership Development
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Dr. Bill Dickinson, RCC, Senior Leadership Advisor, The Workplace Coach, LLC

In today’s complex and ambiguous business environment, one of the most powerful competitive advantages a leader can have is what is known as “learning agility.” The evidence is compelling: Companies whose senior leaders are agile...

Organizational Effectiveness: Are You Staying Ahead of the Curve?
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Kelly Angell, MAPD, CLC, The Workplace Coach, LLC

As leaders, our ability to recognize, respond to, and stay ahead of cultural shifts is key to maintaining organizational effectiveness. You’re likely already hearing increased talk about corporate culture and fit, coping with changing...

Let's Get Emotional
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Sandra Arnold, Head of Learning and Development, GroupM

If you regularly read leadership articles, you will have seen that there has been, and still is, a great deal of focus on emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence (or EQ) is the ability to identify, understand, and manage your own...

Can You Reshape Your Leadership Development Approach?
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Jan Rijken, Director of Learning Institute, CrossKnowledge

Organizations today face numerous challenges to operate efficiently and maintain a competitive advantage in times of change. Change requires new behaviors, routines, methods, customers, perspectives, and new technology. It is upon company...

Forgery, Counterfeiting, and Unreported Employment: Threats to Businesses
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Kenneth Hanslip, Technical Director, NSL

The UK’s Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration has recently released a report which examined the Home Office’s current approach to preventing illegal working. For HR professionals tasked with the prevention of illegal...

Technology in Leadership Development
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Inger Buus, Head of Leadership and Organizational Development, JPMorgan Chase & Co

We know from many studies and reports that inspirational leadership and good people management are critical components for the future success of organizations. The current pace of change, digitization and disruption require even stronger...

Developing Better Leaders Through Empathy
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Anju Sethi, VP of Talent, Change, and D&I, King

In 2016, Bob Dylan was announced as the recipient of the Nobel Peace prize for literature. It was probably the highest honor of his life, something that most musicians do not even dare to aspire achieving. In his own words “If someone had...

Healthy Leader, Healthy Team
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Sari Ek-Petroff, Learning and Development Manager, VTT

In 2017, VTT established a holistic, modular development program to build new leadership. Two years later, all the leaders and managers have completed the program. This has helped us create a common language and leadership culture at VTT. We have...

Keeping the Human in HR: Five Recommendations for Enabling Transformational Change
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Lisa Buckingham, Executive Vice President, Chief People, Place and Brand Officer, Lincoln Financial Group

The world we live in continues to change at an incredible pace. The reality is that most organizations are going through transformation because the world is in transformation. For the workforce, the pace of change can be overwhelming, especially...

5 Ways AI can Improve Leadership Development
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Owing to its ability to automate processes and extract meaning out of massive data sets, artificial intelligence assist the leaders and make radical transformations across industries and businesses. FREMONT, CA: Conventionally, leadership has...

Achieving Balance: Leadership in an "Always-On" World
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Debra Hamilton, Chief Learning & Development Officer, Fulton Financial

With technology moving at a pace faster than what humans can keep up with, it is no surprise that leaders are inundated with emails, virtual meetings, and the need for speed. While technology makes us faster and more efficient, it also may be...

SMD Partners with Center for Creative Leadership
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Scott Mondore Ph.D., Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Strategic Management Decisions (SMD), a results-focused employee survey and assessment company, is pleased to announce its partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®), a top-ranked, global provider of leadership development. CCL...

Nurturing the Next Generation of Leaders within Enterprises
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Talent is easy to spot. Gifts like ambition, curiosity, and intelligence will always stand out in a crowd of workers. But, harnessing this potential is extremely tough, let alone nurturing these talents. Instead, many of the promising leaders of...

The Why, What, and How of L&D in the Modern Business Environment
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Shelley Osborne, Head of L&D, Udemy

Digital transformation has re imagined a lot of the things we do at work, and learning and development (L&D) is no exception. Never before have there been so many compelling reasons to support employee learning and so many exciting ways to...

Developing Leaders to Shape The Future Of Energy
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Ana Fonseca Nordang, Vice President, People and Leadership, Executive and Leadership Development, Equinor

My kids spent their summer vacation playing games with their cousins. They built alliances, and they strategized. The older ones shifted from bossing the younger ones around to coaching and supporting, and they naturally changed roles to improve...

Are your Business Leaders Asking HR Technology for Employee Collaboration Tools?
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Soraya Kassamali, Senior Director, Enterprise HR Technology, Cox Enterprises

It’s Tuesday, lunch time, and I am off to meet one of my favorite customers, the VP of Strategic HR solutions. We always have this banter back and forth about what’s going on, inherently brainstorming a new idea or refining an...

Phased Approach to Add Job-Specific Training
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Michael G. Johnson, CHRO, UPS

Using HR solutions to improve effectiveness Beginning in 2008, UPS began to transform our HR processes to provide solutions to the organization, to drive results and business outcomes. HR solutions can be demonstrated, in part, through our...

HR Professionals need Technology enabling Conversations, rather than Performance Reviews
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Becky Cantieri, Chief People Officer, SurveyMonkey [NASDAQ: SVMK]

My views on HR technologies changed dramatically after joining SurveyMonkey, a company where listening to customers is a core value and asking for feedback is central to the business. As SurveyMonkey’s chief people officer, I believe in our...