3 Ways HRs Can Leverage Big Data
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Big Data is ubiquitous and human resources can leverage it to create effective HR policies; however, first they need to learn how to use the data. FREMONT, CA: Organizations use massive amounts of employee, customer, and transactional data,...

HR Relationships and Their Importance in Technological Change
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Daniel Fraser, HR Business Partner, Navitas

As technology continues to change and improve, business relationships remain key for HR practitioners. In my first office job, while at University, I used to spend much of my time physically filing mountains of employee documents. Large...

The Art and Science Behind Successful Project Implementations
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Yelenia Almarales, HRIS Director, Florida International University

We are living in an era where change is rapidly taking place; we see it in technology, the workforce, and even how we do work. For an HR Professional, the concept of change is not foreign. In order to adapt and keep current with constant changes,...

The Power of Employer Branding: Why a strong employer brand can help your company bridge the talent gap
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Adam Glassman, Senior Manager, Employer Branding, Cox Enterprises

Finding and keeping top tech talent is increasingly challenging. Companies in and out of the technology industry are vying for the same candidates with multiple job opportunities. Digital disruption, generational shifts, and the lowest...

How HCM Software creates a Paradigm Shift?
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Top HCM platforms offer data analytics tools and act as a single source of truth. FREMONT, CA: Human resources are no longer a singular entity manageable by a single piece of software. Different software is needed for core HR tasks and for...

Silicon Valley Companies Empower HR to Promote Employee-Friendly Culture
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To guarantee respect for women while making esteem, Silicon Valley organizations ought to empower HR. FREMONT, CA: The presence of the HR division is a significant interrogation in Silicon Valley-based organizations. Their workers need...

HR In the Driving Seat for Digital Transformation
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Christina Cowling, Director Change Management, VEON [NASDAQ: VEON]

What are the top priorities for HR leaders in 2019? According to Gartner* one of them is to support the companies’ digital transformation; and linked to this, to build internal change management capability. "Wherever you decide to...

Does new HR Tech need 'Change Management'?
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Giles Slinger, Director, Concentra Analytics

Three Types of Change These are exciting times for HR Technology offers many new insights and new ways of working throughout the business. How can you help new ways of working get started effectively? But, first, what kind of changes are we...

HR Chatbots Are Here, Are You Ready?
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Michelle Glendinning, UK HR and Global Projects Lead Catalyst Technologies Divison, Johnson Matthey

Fasten your seatbelts everyone. Change is coming, and it is coming quicker than you think. Everyone seems to be talking about chatbots and it is reported in the Forrester survey that 85 percent of customer interactions within enterprise...

Training the Workforce for AI Implementation
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In future, AI will be used in every aspect of an organization. Thus, the workforce must be trained to work alongside AI. Fremont, CA: Artificial Intelligence is branching out into more and more diverse industries and human resources is also one...

Can CIOs Improve the Recruitment Procedure with Blockchain?
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Blockchain is a cryptocurrency innovation whose potential can't be thought little of. It is a compelling asset for an organization to set aside time and expenses, but can it influence the recruitment procedure? FREMONT, CA: The idea of...

Data: The Hidden Treasure for Better Decision Making
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Leaders in organizations need an active data strategy to make effective decisions, empower people, and drive change. Fremont, CA:  Leaders have a very dynamic role to play in an organization, and decision-making is one of the most...

The 360 Degree Employee Engagement Methodology
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Sunita Holzer, Chief Human Resources Officer, Realogy

When we consider employee engagement, it is not the only factor that would create a motivating experience at work. What do you think are the best ingredients to achieve a great working environment? Employees are no longer just coming to...

Tips for Employee Engagement: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.
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Francis Goss, Chief Commercial Officer, Communications Consultancy AHC & A Member of the Advisory Board of Engage for Success

Employee Engagement is now recognised as a key driver of organisational success. The “Nailing the Evidence” Report published by the UK’s Employee Engagement Taskforce presents compelling evidence for the benefits of an engaged...

Employee Engagement - Taking your survey from Tick box to Transformation
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James Hampton, Head of Development and Engagement, Seasalt Limited

Until recently, getting feedback was an incredibly lengthy process. Designing questions, encouraging employees to answer (usually on paper) and collecting in their responses so that an even more lengthy process of analysis could begin. 6 months...

Employee Engagement: The Meaningful Data We All Have Access to
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Andrew Armes, Head of Talent Acquisition, Roche Product Ltd [SWX: ROG]

I remember being given the chance to work at my dad’s company in 1988 when I was fifteen.. The company essentially created a yearly compendium of all companies in the UK that worked for, in, or were connected to the construction industry....

Driving Employee Engagement Through Tech
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Jason Borstal, Chief Information Officer, SThree [LON: STHR]

As the demands of employees continue to evolve, new and emerging technologies are driving the way businesses engage with the workforce. From on-boarding to collaborating, analysing high performers’ characteristics, and communicating, the way...

Effective Communication - Key to Organizational Success
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Marie Stehmer, Sr. Director of Human Resource, PeaceHealth

In the workplace, good communication is an important factor to develop client relationships, profitability, team effectiveness, and employee engagement. If communication is thorough, accurate, and timely, the organization tends to be vibrant and...

Employee Experience (EX) and Engagement
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Nick Lynn, Ph.D., Senior Director, Willis Towers Watson, and author of Employee Experience (EX) Leadership

Many companies are modernizing their approach to employee engagement. In particular, they are moving beyond thinking of engagement as a stand-alone activity, often characterized by a long-running annual employee survey. Instead, they are adopting...

What Keeps Me Coming Back?
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Noor van Boven, Chief People Officer, N26

I’m a human and a realist. I believe in being open and transparent. I’m Dutch after all! My biggest asset, but sometimes my personal burden, is that I only have one way of operating - being me. With that comes many human...