Next Concept HR Association is pleased to announce its third annual HR TechXpo
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San Francisco, California — Next Concept HR Association (NCHRA) is pleased to announce its third annual HR TechXpo, showcasing the latest in workplace technology and HR solutions. The 2018 title sponsor is 7Geese, a continuous performance...

Talent & Technology
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Levent Arabaci, EVP, CHRO, Human Capital Division, Hitachi Ltd.

Hitachi has an impressive 1,000 plus subsidiaries and over 350,000 employees worldwide and operates across multiple industries around the globe. Having 1,000 plus companies and multiple different systems is like herding cats however, HR...

Workforce Management on a Global Scale
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Randy Keuch, Head of Total Rewards-Americas, Teva Pharmaceuticals

Key Challenges in the HR Arena The key issues for HRs in the past decade have been the challenges of “globalization”—“How do we become a global organization and manage our people globally?” They are constantly...

Four Keys to Building a Global Workforce Management Strategy
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Kristina Lengyel, VP, Global Professional Services, Kronos Incorporated

Globalization continues to be a significant influence on today’s business environment. Trends such as changing trade barriers, growth in labor migration, ongoing improvements to technology, and the constant pressure to achieve...

Increasing Agility in the Enterprise with Digital Technologies
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Gaja Nagarajan, Executive Director, Cloud & Enterprise Apps, Maxim Integrated [NASDAQ:MXIM]

From the click of a button on a mobile app, we can get delivery of food, goods, and even maid and home laundry services. Millennials, in particular, are now more tuned towards self-service for many day-to-day needs. Their habits, along with...

3 Ways to Re-ignite Innovation & Develop Breakthrough Technology
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Kristen McAlister, President/COO, Cerius Interim Executive Solutions

In the age of globalization and the web, products and services evolve from being unique to becoming a commodity in a very short period of time. This puts tremendous pressure on technology organizations to continually innovate in order to maintain...

Skill Gap Assessments Aiding in Individual and Business Success
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Nicole Hazard, Head of Talent Management and Innovation, AXA US

The sine qua non of every modern organization is the ability to adapt to change. In an era of unprecedented shifts from globalization and technical advancement, talent management leaders today devote countless hours and resources to questions...

Elements Global Services: Steadfast HR Leadership
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Rick Hammell, CEO

An International Payroll and EOR/PEO with the expertise and resources available to make hiring and employment processes as easy as possible

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