The 5 Technological Trends in Employee Recognition
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The digitalization of employee recognition has enabled organizations to evolve from their antiquated approaches and reach new levels of engagement. FREMONT, CA – For many years, organizations have been using bulletin boards for employee...

Employee Engagement can be Enhanced in Five Ways
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In the current scenario, employee engagement is a significant factor in increasing employee productivity and retention. FREMONT, CA: The vibrant labor market and internal forces continue to rewrite the laws regulating businesses and...

Employee Recognition Program Based on Incentives and Gamification
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Incentive programs can help a company achieve departmental goals, surpass customer service level standards, foster co-worker camaraderie, and meet other organizational priorities. Depending on the landscape that you operate in and the structure or...

Fun isn't all with Games as Gamification Restructures Team Building
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Gamification tailors exciting, educational, and fun learning experiences, offering additional benefits that conventional systems are unable to provide.  FREMONT, CA: Gamification has gained attention in the online world as a way to...

Key needs from future learning technologies
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Rebecca Ellis, Ex Director, Allision, PLC

In the early 2000s, I implemented my first learning management system (LMS). I was leading learning at a healthcare company that was concerned about tracking compliance and regulatory-related learning. The system was cumbersome to administer and a...

Opportunities in M-Learning to Boost Employee Engagement and Learning Experience
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Technological advancements have changed the way modern learners expect and prefer to be educated. The applications of technology must also boost workplace productivity. On average, employees waste one day per week searching for information to do...

Content Is Your Competitive Advantage How to Use Employee Advocacy to Win the Hearts of Job Candidates
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Allison Kruse, Director of Content and Social Media, Kforce

Job seekers have unprecedented high expectations of potential employers. They treat their job search process like an online shopping experience, crowdsourcing career decisions, scanning reviews from their peers and analyzing a potential...

Tips to encourage employees in an enterprise
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Today’s business environment is proliferating. Organizations are focused on the faster growth in a way that sometimes they forget that the growth has to be attained from their main assets that are the employees. The success or failure of an...

Gamification for an Excellent Workforce Management
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Every company today is looking to recruit and retain excellent talents. But in most organizations, a chunk of newly recruited employees themselves resign or are terminated by the company. According to a study by Aberdeen Group, within the company,...

Where Human Resource Software is Headed in the Future
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Sarath Pendyala, Head of Content Marketing, SutiSoft

Human resource software or online HR software is one of the business productivity software applications that have seen an increased adoption over the years. According to some internal estimates, after CRM software, HR software is the solution...

Transforming Employee Onboarding Experience through VR
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Virtual reality (VR) is making inroads into the enterprises, spurring a revolution in the way they function. For instance, human resource teams across organizations are figuring out multiple ways the VR technology can transform employee onboarding...

Driving Motivation among Employees with Gamification
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Yu-kai Chou, CEO/Partner, The Octalysis Group

Workplace Gamification is the craft of creating environments and systems that inspire and motivate employees towards their work. It is an emphasis on “Human-Focused Design” over “Function-Focused Design.” Instead of...

How Gamification can Redefine a Company's Work Culture?
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Not every employee succeeds in delivering excellence when it comes to performance. Historically, the associated HR used to convey reports to such under-performing employees, thereby crushing their motivational instincts. These situations prove to...

Gamification in Enhancing Talent Management
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Gamification is constantly being used in building customer loyalty as well as gaining insights into their behaviour. Its application also helps companies with talent management, especially in attracting, engaging, motivating and retaining...

ATOBI: Engendering a New Era of Employee Engagement
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Jan Andersen, CEO

Provides a full-suite app to enhance employee engagement, improve communication, and boost competencies

Snowfly: Enhancing Engagement through Gamification Based Incentivization
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Darrin Briggs, President & CEO Elijah Cox, CTO

A gamification-based incentive, retention, and analytics company