Revolutionizing HR with Big Data
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Wendy Murphy, Head Chief Human Resources Practice, RSR Partners

Human resources professionals have long collected data, amassing and filing employee personnel information, salary rates, benefits, tenure and retirement information, and performance ratings. But the data game is growing—it is no longer...

HR Moves Quickly to Embrace Next Generation Social Media
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Pamela Harding, CEO, Metzano

Social media technology is entering a new phase with communities evolving into vibrant business ecosystems–and HR is poised to play a key role. We’re not talking about ‘Facebook at Work’, but rather a new generation of...

Transforming Human resources - Brand and Talent management through technologies
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Harry Glantz, VP of Human Resources, RailWorks Corporation

Technology has affected the world of Human Resources (HR) possibly more than any other function in a company, and not just because of how we utilize it. Technology has become a vital tool for most HR professionals because of the importance of...

Technology: Transforming the HR Workforce
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David Ford, VP-North America Human Resources, Sanofi

Advances in technology have forever changed–and continue to change–the way we access information, communicate with one another and even spend our free time. Amazon, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tablets, the latest and best...

The Future of HR Tech: People, Relationships, and Experiences
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Delisa Alexander, EVP & CPO, Red Hat [NYSE:RHT]

There’s a fundamental disconnect between the way today’s HR systems are designed and the way that innovative companies operate. Many vendors offer highly specialized tools that are focused on one sub-part of the talent lifecycle....

My Recruiters are Social Gurus Utilizing LinkedIn and Facebook for Recruitment
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Ronnie E. Charles, CHRO, City of Baltimore

Best of breed solutions to steer transformational initiatives in organization We have over the last few years moved to revamp our entire HR infrastructure. This has required us to address not only culture, but also dramatic process improvements...

Competitive IT: Earn Your Seat at the Table
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Michael Keithley, CIO, Creative Artists Agency

For the past 8 years of my career as a CIO, all of my decisions have been guided by my vision of IT for Competitive Advantage. From vendors, to toolsets, partners, staffing, organizational structure, relationships, and recruiting, all of my...

ShiftHound's Online Staff Scheduling and Open Shift Management (OSM) Now on iOS and Android
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SAN DIEGO, CA: In addition to the existing web application, ShiftHound has newly introduced a mobile app for Online Staff Scheduling and Open Shift Management (OSM) application useful for both Managers and Staff. Delivered as a native app for...

The New Retention Model: Talent Science and Predictive Analytics
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Jill Strange, Director of Human Capital Management & Behavioral Science, Infor

The terms “talent science” and “predictive analytics” conjure up different meanings for different people. If there existed a Business Buzzword Dictionary (not a real book - yet), talent science would generally be defined as...

HR Solutions Today: An Interaction Rather than Transaction
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Maria Del Busto, Global CHRO & VP, Royal Caribbean Cruises

Social Media has gained most of its reputation from applications like Facebook and Twitter. Even though there is a value and place for it in the business setting, some leaders are still apprehensive about applying it in the business world. Some...

Driving Innovative People Strategies for Positive Financial Impact
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Michael O' Brien, VP Corporate HR Services, Caesars Entertainment Corporation

Transition to a Consumer Driven Plan Embedded within our core values at Caesars is the concept of Rigor, specifically, the rigor associated with utilizing data and outcomes to drive strategy and actions. The HR function is no different....

Optimizing the Recruitment Process for Mobile-Enabled Job-Seekers
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Dermot O'Brien, Corporate VP, ADP

Shift to Consumer-Style Job-Seeker Experience Changes in talent management are driving the next big transformation in human capital, and the tools recruiters and jobseekers use to find each other are the keys to this evolution. Yet, recent...

Many of Our Best from Current Employees Or Alumni
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Margo Mentus, SVP-HR, ManTech International Corporation

Using HR solutions to improve effectiveness Since ManTech is an international corporation operating in 20 countries (including southwest Asia) and 46 states, a critical element of HR is utilizing tools that help us reach a large and diverse...

Mobile Talent: One-Stop Shop for Streamlined Recruitment Communications
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Christopher Lang, CEO

Mobile Talent enables recruiters to source, qualify and engage with job seekers faster and more efficiently—right on their mobile devices

Qumu Corporation: An Enterprise Video Platform for the Employee Onboarding Process
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Vern Hanzlik, President & CEO

Provider of best-in-class tools to create, manage, secure, distribute, and measure the success of live and on demand video for enterprises

Beamery: Proactive Talent Marketing
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Ben Slater, VP of Growth

Beamery is candidate relationship software built for companies that are proactive about engaging the best talent without just relying on applications

Brilent: Harnessing the Power of AI in Hiring
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Garry Ma, CEO

Brilent combines AI and big data with a company’s applicant tracking system to help automate candidate prospecting

Appreiz: Reshaping Talent Management Using Social Recognition
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Jayashree Venkataraman, Founder & CEO

Provider of an innovative employee recognition system and corporate social network

Marketing Innovators: Shaping Employee-Employer Relationships
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Richard Blabolil, President

Marketing Innovators (MI) delivers value to by improving the performance of people who affect business success Enhancing Quality of Hire with Employee Referrals
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Scott Frazier, CEO

Provides recruitment software for clients to experience dramatic increases in referrals, as well as in applicants and hires.

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