How Pay Transparency Ensures Job Satisfaction?
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Today, organizations are adopting a culture of pay transparency and ensuring that all their employees are paid equally. FREMONT, CA: When organizations maintain confidentiality about payroll against industry benchmarks, employees conceive that...

Why Organizations Favor Big Data in the Hiring Process?
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Job recruiters and candidates with the help of big data will pave the way for easy hiring and interview. FREMONT, CA: Big Data is found all over everywhere, and most ventures and people discover the need to save significant data. Today, big...

Tips for Employee Engagement: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.
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Francis Goss, Chief Commercial Officer, Communications Consultancy AHC & A Member of the Advisory Board of Engage for Success

Employee Engagement is now recognised as a key driver of organisational success. The “Nailing the Evidence” Report published by the UK’s Employee Engagement Taskforce presents compelling evidence for the benefits of an engaged...

Employee Engagement - Taking your survey from Tick box to Transformation
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James Hampton, Head of Development and Engagement, Seasalt Limited

Until recently, getting feedback was an incredibly lengthy process. Designing questions, encouraging employees to answer (usually on paper) and collecting in their responses so that an even more lengthy process of analysis could begin. 6 months...

Employee Engagement: The Meaningful Data We All Have Access to
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Andrew Armes, Head of Talent Acquisition, Roche Product Ltd [SWX: ROG]

I remember being given the chance to work at my dad’s company in 1988 when I was fifteen.. The company essentially created a yearly compendium of all companies in the UK that worked for, in, or were connected to the construction industry....

Driving Engagement in a High Growth, Mission-Driven Business
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Katherine FitzGerald, People Director, Spektrix

A Mission to Keep Talent Competition for talent across the tech industry is huge. The best way to attract and retain talented people, and have them do their best work, is for them to learn, develop their skill set, and build their careers....

The Road Towards the Intelligent Enterprise
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Florian Roth, CIO, SAP SE [ETR: SAP]

“Change has never been this fast and it will never be this slow again.” Bill McDermott, CEO SAP SE This quote is daunting and exciting at the same time. The speed at which technology is being developed and demanded by consumers...

Driving Employee Engagement Through Tech
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Jason Borstal, Chief Information Officer, SThree [LON: STHR]

As the demands of employees continue to evolve, new and emerging technologies are driving the way businesses engage with the workforce. From on-boarding to collaborating, analysing high performers’ characteristics, and communicating, the way...

Employee Experience (EX) and Engagement
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Nick Lynn, Ph.D., Senior Director, Willis Towers Watson, and author of Employee Experience (EX) Leadership

Many companies are modernizing their approach to employee engagement. In particular, they are moving beyond thinking of engagement as a stand-alone activity, often characterized by a long-running annual employee survey. Instead, they are adopting...

What Keeps Me Coming Back?
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Noor van Boven, Chief People Officer, N26

I’m a human and a realist. I believe in being open and transparent. I’m Dutch after all! My biggest asset, but sometimes my personal burden, is that I only have one way of operating - being me. With that comes many human...

Employee Engagement across the World
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Diana Croitoru, Chief Human Resources Officer, LifeStyles Healthcare

Employee Engagement is one of the top “hot topics” in building business success today. It is a winning strategy for companies who are looking beyond traditional success drivers to add value and conquer the marketplace. But when you...

Let's Get Hi!
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Chris Lincoln, Head of Learning & Development, Puttshack

Hi! It’s an underrated word. Greeting someone with a wide smile and a “Hi!” can be extremely impactful, and will more than likely inspire the same friendly greeting in response. You’ve taken the time to acknowledge someone,...

How AI Can Improve the Employee Experience
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Boosting employee engagement is a top priority in any organization. With the help of AI tools, employee experiences are noted, and improvements are suggested for better functioning of the organization. FREMONT, CA: The success of an...

5 Ways VR can Boost Corporate Training
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The primary reason why the companies are considering VR in their processes is that it can enhance employee engagement and their knowledge retention levels. FREMONT, CA: Corporate training claims a significant share in terms of both investment...

IoT is Driving Employee Engagement through Better Communication and Collaboration
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The incorporation of IoT has enabled business organizations to enhance employee engagement by facilitating robust communication and collaboration channels. FREMONT, CA – Technology is revolutionizing workplaces all across the world,...

AI's Potential in Employee Engagement
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AI is assisting the HR teams throughout the recruitment and onboarding processes ranging from searching the probable candidates to helping the new hires with training programs. FREMONT, CA: Amidst several business challenges and situations,...

How will Employee Recognition Drive Employee Engagement in the Workplace?
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Employee recognition is emerging as one of the significant factors that ensure talent retention and enhanced productivity in the workplace. FREMONT, CA – Organizations with well-trained and well-skilled workforce emerge at the forefront...

Mobile HR: Driving Employee Engagement and Productivity
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The advancing technology offers new practices of engagement to magnify the productivity aptitude of employees. FREMONT, CA: The vibrant job market and external forces continue to rewrite the rules that govern businesses and interpersonal...

Sustainable Corporate Initiatives can Enhance Employee Engagement
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Employees expect their organizations to engage them through sustainable product development and service delivery methods. FREMONT, CA: According to the Human Capital Trends study by Deloitte, individuals have started looking up to organizations...

Removing Barriers in Employee Engagement!
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It is not about how often you measure employee engagement, but what you do afterward. FREMONT, CA: Companies often strive to measure staff commitment the correct way. Employee engagement is a never-ending topic; it is tough to decide when to...

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