Making Meaningful Change on the Cloud Native Journey
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Mark Ardito, Divisional Vice President, Digital Delivery, Health Care Service Corporation

Last year, it felt as if for every few minutes there was a new article, tweet, blog post or video published on cloud native. Everybody was talking about it; vendors were providing solutions, but none came forward to explain what it really is. This...

Ensuring Good Weather with Clouds
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Glenn Kurowski, SVP, CACI International Inc [NYSE:CACI]

Most of us remember the grade school memorization challenge of clouds: Cirrus, Stratus, Cumulus, Altocumulus—there were ten in all and to this day I can’t keep them all straight. Over a decade ago the term cloud arrived in Information...

Heading into 2019 with DevOps Application
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A willingness to adopt change and the ability to do speaks a lot about an organization. The flexibility is something demanded by the market and rewarded as well, the speed of responsiveness from the providers becomes the big differentiator between...

Wireless First for Microsoft Employees
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Brent Hermanson, Principal Manager, Microsoft [NASDAQ:MSFT]

Real-time collaboration and modern work environments require people to be mobile and untethered from their traditional desktops. Our employees expect a seamless wireless experience across multiple devices, starting with ease of connecting to our...

Creating the Future Workforce, Today
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Ellyn Shook, Chief Leadership & Human Resources Officer, Accenture

We are living in a time of unprecedented, high velocity change. Headlines abound about machines taking over our jobs, jobs without workers—particularly in IT—and workers without jobs. This digital revolution will create winners and...

Competitive IT: Earn Your Seat at the Table
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Michael Keithley, CIO, Creative Artists Agency

For the past 8 years of my career as a CIO, all of my decisions have been guided by my vision of IT for Competitive Advantage. From vendors, to toolsets, partners, staffing, organizational structure, relationships, and recruiting, all of my...
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