BetterManager: Building Leaders, not Just Managers
Hrtechoutlook >> vendor

Stephane Panier, Founder & CEO

BetterManager brings executive leadership coaching to all managers

Abilitie: Creating Leaders of Tomorrow
Hrtechoutlook >> vendor

Bjorn Billhardt, CEO

Offers a suite of leadership development programs to managers and executives that allow for real-world practice without real-world consequences

TalentQuest: Talent Management Software Develops Future Leaders
Hrtechoutlook >> vendor

Kevin Sessions, President & CRO

Provides comprehensive talent management and development solutions that empower organizations to effectively hire, manage, develop, and retain the best talent

Harrison Assessments: An Innovative Approach to Employee Assessments
Hrtechoutlook >> vendor

Dan Harrison, Founder

Helps companies optimize their human capital by leveraging their deep understanding of human resources and psychology

Whitaker-Taylor: Empowering HR with Best Services
Hrtechoutlook >> vendor

Scott Burton, CEO

Delivers experienced resources with deep functional and technical expertise and offer them to clients on a variable needs basis

Triad HR: HCM Implementation Simplified
Hrtechoutlook >> vendor

Ronda Grimsley, Founder and CEO

Provides resources for successful HCM system solutions and technology implementations with project lifecycle management

HR Nola: Tailored, Simplified, and Compliant HR Solutions
Hrtechoutlook >> vendor

Amy B. Bakay, Founder and Principal Consultant

Offers tailored HR solutions for the full employee life cycle

Geneva Consulting Group: A Perfect HCM Partner
Hrtechoutlook >> vendor

Laura Torrillo, CEO

Provides business and technology staff augmentation across the full-range of technologies and disciplines as well as business solutions including compliance and legal, risk management, and HRMS/payroll solutions

Findley: Preparing the Workforce for Change
Hrtechoutlook >> vendor

Kimberlie England, Principal and Change Management Practice Leader

A human resources consulting firm with a focus on human capital services

Baker Tilly Vantagen: Bringing Best-in-Class Technology to HR
Hrtechoutlook >> vendor

Kimberly Duffy-Wylam, President and Managing Partner

Provides high touch, flexible, and customized solutions in the HR consulting and benefits administration space

Amabile Consulting: Every Company's Consulting Partner
Hrtechoutlook >> vendor

Mimi Amabile, President

A human capital management (HCM) consulting firm that was started to provide clients with a more personalized

Accendi Talent: A Strategic Advisor to HR Leadership
Hrtechoutlook >> vendor

Fawn Hentrel, CEO

Accendi Talent is a human resource and talent solutions advisory firm dedicated to helping organizations address human resource challenges and talent needs in the areas of human resource consulting, executive search, permanent placement, strategic...

Benefit Communications Inc.: Effective Benefit Communication for Employee Engagement
Hrtechoutlook >> vendor

Chris Morris, Senior Vice President & Partner

Customizes affordable HR and benefits solutions for large companies in areas of benefit enrollments, communications, data management and benefit advisor staffing...

BenefitVision: Employee Benefits - From Self-Service To Full-Service
Hrtechoutlook >> vendor

Ron Kleiman, CEO

BenefitVision is a benefits enrollment company that provides a full range of employee benefits enrollment, technology, and communication services...

Navigate Communications: Simplifying Access to Employer-Provided Benefits Drives Engagement
Hrtechoutlook >> vendor

Steven Clark, Founder & CEO

A design and technology firm that specializes in the design, delivery, and management of employee communications, interactive sales presentations, and traditional design and development services

Hoozin: Empowering Digital Workforce with Seamless Collaboration
Hrtechoutlook >> vendor

Carwin Heierman, Director of Operations

Allows organizations to meet their requirements of improved collaboration, innovation and silo effect reduction

ATOBI: An Employee Engagement Platform for the New Generation
Hrtechoutlook >> vendor

Jan. D. Andersen, CEO

Offers a full-suite app to enhance employee engagement, communication and competencies in enterprise workplace through a unified channel

Benify: Reinventing Employee Engagement
Hrtechoutlook >> vendor

Markus Kullendorff, CEO, Josefine Söderqvist, HR Director and Joel Heister, COO

Offers cloud-based solution to help employers of all sizes get closer to their employees and build sustainable employer brands

Peoplegeeks: Co-creating Agile and Digital Transformations
Hrtechoutlook >> vendor

Riina Hellström, Director, Digital and Agile Organizational Development

Offers world class change- and program leadership in complex people-related technology, business and HR contexts. Uses agile methodologies and deploys technology stacks to enable businesses to modernize their management-, HR- and...

KeenCorp: The New People KPI
Hrtechoutlook >> vendor

Hans Hemels, CEO

Providers of a continuous, single-metric KPI on ‘people’ ready for the boardroom. Timely, reliable and simple

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