Business Disruption: Crisis or Opportunity? How CHROs can help their companies succeed in a continuously changing world
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Jim Hazboun, CHRO & EVP, Banc of California

“Winter Is Coming!” If you’re a fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones series, then you’ll recognize the ominous motto of House Stark, “winter is coming.” It is used throughout the series to remind the...

Innovaccer Launches its Disruptive Care Intelligence SystemTM
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FREMONT, CA: Innovaccer, Inc., one of the fastest growing health tech companies, announced the launch of Care Intelligence SystemTM, a groundbreaking platform that combines the next-generation technology with healthcare’s best practices to...

First-Ever Automated Ban-the-Box Solution Helps Employers Offer A Fair Chance
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REDWOOD CITY, CA: Fast-growing GoodHire (55,000 customers and counting) today announced the industry’s first “adverse action” workflow that guides employers through federal requirements and more than 180 new state and local...

Telemedicine: The Top "Employer" Benefit
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Jessica Lynn Campbell, Marketing Executive & Technical Writer, Web Benefits Design Corporation

Why is Telemedicine just as advantageous and cost-effective for employers as it is for employees? Telemedicine, virtual office visits, telehealth, doctor facetime, etc.—you may recognize one of these terms, which all represent the...

Digital Disruption: New Required Skillsets Open Doors for Innovation
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Christopher Caine, President, CGE

There is no denying that companies and individuals alike are no longer looking to traditional business models and education systems to stand out among the herd and compete with the ever-accelerating pace of technological change. New skillsets...

A WOWs (Ways of Work) Culture
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Adrianne Court, EVP & CHRO, Caliber Home Loans

Many of us have been there . . . working with a leadership team to articulate the values that express the culture of an organization. The process of garnering alignment and agreement on what values really mean in the context of a business can...

How to Manage Technology Challenges and Enable the Employee Experience
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Tran Taylor, CHRO, Blucora

Human Resource and executive leadership teams are continually challenged to improve the Customer Experience, which starts with the Employee Experience and ultimately by the Candidate Experience. Today, candidates have a multitude of ways of...

The Advancing Role of a CHRO
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John Lucas, CHRO & SVP, Human Resources, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

How would you describe the role of a CHRO today? Over time, the CHRO function has moved from soft skills to a much more analytical and data driven approach. For those that are comfortable in the numbers there has never been a better time to be...

Cloud Exalts CHRO's Obligations: An In-Depth Discovery for the New Role
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Joseph Cabral, CHRO, Partners Healthcare

The job, which used to be inundated with so much of paperwork, compliance rules, and reports, has gone digital now. The roles and responsibilities for Chief HR Officers (CHROs) of today’s global businesses have changed significantly in past...

CHRO's: Place Your Bets-What to Expect in HR Come 2020
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Bertrand Dussert, VP, HCM Transformation & Thought Leadership, Oracle [NYSE:ORCL]

It is important for business to keep looking towards the future, and investing in business practices that will gear them up for the “Future of Work.” Here are some big bets that are added to every CHRO’s bottom line. 1....

Advancing Role of a CHRO
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John Lucas, SVP, Human Resources, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

How would you describe the role of a CHRO today? Over time, the CHRO function has moved from soft skills to a much more analytical and data driven approach. For those that are comfortable in the numbers there has never been a better time to be...

How Technology Can Intercept Workplace Turnover and Prescribe Lasting Remedies
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Gregg Paulk, Director of IT, Anderson Center for Autism

A lack of employee engagement can result in dire consequences for organizations across all industries. It is no surprise that a research conducted by Deloitte found that 87 percent of human resources (HR) and business leaders list employee...

Employee Engagement in the Digital Age
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Robert Ruocco, VP & CTO, BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York

Today, the single word most heard by CIOs is “digital.” The term digital is so widely used in our industry that most people get confused as to what is actually being referenced at any given time. Most often, digital refers to the...

Nimble Software Systems Launches Ximble Workforce Management Platform
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CARLSBAD, CA: Nimble Software Systems, Inc. announces Ximble™, a suite of cloud based workforce optimization applications for small and medium size businesses. Ximble is an evolution of the company’s NimbleSchedule platform, which is...

Wanted: Workforce Data That Actually Drives a Decision
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Mick Collins, Global Vice President, Workforce Analytics & Planning, SAP SuccessFactors

In 2004, I was a newly-hired consultant for CLC Metrics, the joint venture partnership between the Corporate Executive Board and the Infohrm Group that provided technology and consulting on workforce analytics to a membership of HR organizations....

Revolutionizing HR with Big Data
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Wendy Murphy, Head Chief Human Resources Practice, RSR Partners

Human resources professionals have long collected data, amassing and filing employee personnel information, salary rates, benefits, tenure and retirement information, and performance ratings. But the data game is growing—it is no longer...

Competitive IT: Earn Your Seat at the Table
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Michael Keithley, CIO, Creative Artists Agency

For the past 8 years of my career as a CIO, all of my decisions have been guided by my vision of IT for Competitive Advantage. From vendors, to toolsets, partners, staffing, organizational structure, relationships, and recruiting, all of my...

Spark Hire to Showcase Video Interviewing Platform to Empower HR Department
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CHICAGO, IL: In a move to empower the human resource departments all over the world, Spark Hire, provider of intuitive video interviewing solutions, is going to exhibit new video interviewing platform. The platform offers several options and...

What is the Purpose of Every Company ?
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Tony Leng, CIO & Technology Practice Leader & Office Managing Partner, Diversified Search

My simple definition is this: To Find and Keep Customers. Why is this relevant? If you are part of senior leadership (SLT) and you don’t know where you fit in this definition, you are not adding value, and you are not relevant. I am...

Infor and Bails & Associates Ally over Human Capital Management
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NEW YORK, NY: Cloud company Infor officially declares forging of new partnership with Bails and Associates that enable Infor expand across North America with the implementation and support resources for the customers using Infor Human Capital...

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