AI & Big Data Expo, Europe
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The AI & Big Data Expo Europe, the leading Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Conference & Exhibition event will take place on 19-20th June at the RAI, Amsterdam. It is a showcase of next generation technologies and...

AI & Big Data Expo North America releases Two New Big Data Conference Tracks to complement AI Focus
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Santa Clara, CA - The AI Expo North America is set to return to Silicon Valley for the second time, but under a new name and introducing a new brand: The AI & Big Data Expo North America, with anaim to reflect the important role that Big Data...

How Analytics and AI Will Reshape the Future of Banking
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Marc Andrews, VP Watson Financial Services Solutions, IBM [NYSE: IBM]

There are many areas of focus for banking that have the opportunity to be dramatically reshaped by the application of more advanced analytics, including cognitive and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The two most prevalent ones are around...

Can Big Data Impact the HRM?
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Big Data, as the name suggests refers to enormous and rapidly growing amounts of the employee, customer, and transactional data available in organizations. When it comes to HRM, these organizations have massive amounts of talent or people-related...

The Analytics Dilemma for HR
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Katherine Jones, Ph.D., Partner and Director of Talent Research, Mercer

Few issues have beleaguered HR professionals like the demand to be more analytical. The calls to analyze massive data sets and take advantage of Big Data have been nearly impossible to answer, and for good reason. In struggling with disparate...

Consumerism in Human Resources
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Liane Hornsey, SVP & CHRO, Uber

The Human Resources (HR) operations have undergone a sea-change in the last few years. This is evidenced by the metamorphosis of the Chief Human Resources Officer’s (CHRO) role from that of human capital management to a consultative one...

How to Leverage People Analytics to Improve the Bottom Line
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Mary Anderson, Vice President of Shared Services, ManpowerGroup Solutions RPO

Like many HR practitioners, you’ve likely been reading about people analytics and know that many companies are investing serious resources to develop their analytics capabilities. You might be wondering how you can possibly get where you...

Why HR Leaders Must Embrace Data to Create a More Engaged Workforce
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Dermot O’Brien, CHRO, ADP

When HR leaders talk about “engaging and retaining talent,” you might expect them to discuss themes like team-building, or leadership training, or even corporate social responsibility. But what about data and analytics? According to...

Creating a Data Driven HR
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Omar C. Reid, Former HR Director, City of Houston & Current SVP, Harris Health System

“How can one make educated, informed, strategic decisions without data and analytics? Human Resources, as much as any other field, have seen an exponential shift in the amount of Big Data available for analysis. Every week it seems that...

Creating Data Driven HR
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Omar C. Reid, Former HR Director, City of Houston, SVP, Harris Health System

“Information drives decisions.” “Effort is nice results count.” How can one make educated, informed, strategic decisions without data and analytics? Human Resources, as much as any other field, have seen an exponential...

Is HR Paralyzed by Analytics?
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Pamela Harding, CHRO & Director-Corporate Operations, Next Dimension Media

Big Data. Internet of Things. Driverless cars. Who would have thought about any of these things just five years ago? We are in the midst of a technological revolution that gathers more momentum every day. We are collecting data from multiple...

The New Retention Model: Talent Science and Predictive Analytics
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Jill Strange, Director of Human Capital Management & Behavioral Science, Infor

The terms “talent science” and “predictive analytics” conjure up different meanings for different people. If there existed a Business Buzzword Dictionary (not a real book - yet), talent science would generally be defined as...

Digital Radically Disrupts HR
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Anthony Abbatiello, Managing Director, Global Head of HR Consulting, Accenture Strategy

Digital technology is evolving at breakneck speed, changing the way businesses and governments fundamentally operate in a wide variety of ways. HR is no different. As digital enables talent management to become more democratized and more of an...

Broadbean Partners with Technomedia to Help Recruiters Find the Right Talent
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NEW YORK, NY: Broadbean, a provider of job distribution technology, Big Data analytics and candidate sourcing software services, announces partnership with Technomedia, a cloud-based unified talent management solutions provider. The companies make...

Fusion Recruiting Labs: Employment Tools Built For The Mobile Era
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Alex McKeown, CEO

Builds employment tools that accelerate hiring processes and increase the efficiency of recruitment advertising campaigns

TrenData: Real Insights from HR Data
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Tom McKeown, CEO

Provides cloud based software for HR metrics and trended analytics allowing the HR managers to maximize the business outcomes from HR data

VISIER: Visualizing The HR Frontier
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John Schwarz, CEO & Founder

Visier connects organization’s ATS data with workforce data to see what recruiting decisions lead to the best employees

Visier: Leading the Way in Workforce Intelligence
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John Schwarz, CEO

Enables Fortune 2000 companies to fast forward with workforce intelligence

The Role of HR in the Age of Digital Disruption
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Soma Pandey, President & CHRO, Firstsource [NSE: FSL]

"Every business is a technology business or a digital business” – is an oft touted reference now. Every business leader acknowledges that technology has or will disrupt what they do and if they do not transform, they will perish....

Going Digital
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Grace Monahan, VP, Global CIO, Henry Schein [NASDAQ:HSIC]

Everyone in business is talking about “going digital.” And why not! Digital has fundamentally changed the definition of “customer” for every brand. As a result, companies in all industries are embarking on this journey...
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