3 Ways HRs Can Leverage Big Data
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Big Data is ubiquitous and human resources can leverage it to create effective HR policies; however, first they need to learn how to use the data. FREMONT, CA: Organizations use massive amounts of employee, customer, and transactional data,...

How HCM Software creates a Paradigm Shift?
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Top HCM platforms offer data analytics tools and act as a single source of truth. FREMONT, CA: Human resources are no longer a singular entity manageable by a single piece of software. Different software is needed for core HR tasks and for...

Why Organizations Favor Big Data in the Hiring Process?
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Job recruiters and candidates with the help of big data will pave the way for easy hiring and interview. FREMONT, CA: Big Data is found all over everywhere, and most ventures and people discover the need to save significant data. Today, big...

Metrics in Big Data and What They Implicate for HR
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Big data in HR management is used for assessment and development of practices such as recruitment, training and development, performance, reimbursement, and overall business performance. FREMONT, CA: While the patterns in big data resonate...

How AI Can Improve the Employee Experience
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Boosting employee engagement is a top priority in any organization. With the help of AI tools, employee experiences are noted, and improvements are suggested for better functioning of the organization. FREMONT, CA: The success of an...

Primary Trends in HR Outsourcing
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Outsourcing HR functions is not only enabling the companies to cut down on their expenses but also allowing them to focus better on their business goals. FREMONT, CA: HR offers a wide range of responsibilities to a company. However, it also...

IoT is Everywhere, Even in HR Processes
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The massive advancements in the internet of things (IoT) have led the HR teams to rethink over their outdated systems and strategies. FREMONT, CA: With a massive rise in data, the world has also witnessed a sharp growth of connected devices....

HR Tech Startups are Employing these Technological Trends
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Firms are leveraging various tools and technologies to improve their workforce capabilities and people management solutions. FREMONT, CA: Workforce management is a significant challenge that consumes significant time and energy. While the right...

3 Technologies That Will Revolutionize HR Functions
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To narrow the communication gap between HR personnel and employees, and to augment their HR processes, organizations are leveraging the latest HR technologies. FREMONT, CA – Automation is changing human society, bringing significant...

The Latest Technological Trends in HRMS
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FREMONT, CA: The industrial revolution marked the handover of the economy from agriculture to the industrial sector. As the industrial setup evolved, it birthed the need for an efficient communication channel to look into the matters of the...

HP's Transformation Towards a Digital Value Chain
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Volker Schmitz, Head of EMEA Supply Chain Operations, HP Inc.

Today, HP is a leader in Personal Computers, Printing and 3D printing; it is one of the largest companies and most successful brands in the world, with more than $57 Billion in revenue and operations in more than 170 countries worldwide....

Why Big Data is a Big Catch for HR Professionals?
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FREMONT, CA: Big Data is not a new concept. It has entered various industries and is benefiting them with crucial data insights. Understanding and leveraging data are critical to the current business world. The enterprises get an edge if they can...

Improving Payroll Management with Big Data
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Big data isn’t a new concept to businesses today; yet, the means of analyzing big data in payroll have recently emerged. Payroll should be seen as a key source of crucial data and strategic intuition. This includes a lot of precise,...

Hr Industry In Search Of New Technologies
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Talent has become a noteworthy concern for organizations trying to navigate the changing industry landscape. Companies compete to attract better talents and maintain the best employees with increasing skill gaps in an increasingly competitive...

Finding the Human Component amidst HR's Business Intelligence Technology
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Mikey McPhail, Director Business Intelligence ManpowerGroup Solutions

Across our industry,there seems to be a constant focus onbuzz words like AI, robotics and machine learning along with big data, data lakes and other types of data aggregation – While relevant to the evolution of HR technology, these things...

Is HR Paralyzed by Analytics?
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Pamela Harding, CHRO & Director-Corporate Operations, Next Dimension Media

Big Data. Internet of Things. Driverless cars. Who would have thought about any of these things just five years ago? We are in the midst of a technological revolution that gathers more momentum every day. We are collecting data from multiple...

Creating a Data Driven HR
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Omar C. Reid, Former HR Director, City of Houston

“Information drives decisions.”How can one make educated, informed, strategic decisions without data and analytics? Human Resources, as much as any other field, have seen an exponential shift in the amount of Big Data available for...

How Predictive Analytics is transforming HR strategies
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Big Data gained a lot of prominence throughout the IT industry, prompting enterprises to find ways to store this mammoth, yet essential data effectively. Then comes the predictive analytics, who takes this raw data to make it meaningful and the...

AI & Big Data Expo, North America
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The AI & Big Data Expo North America, the leading Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Conference & Exhibition is taking place on November 28-29 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. It will showcase the next generation technologies...

AI & Big Data Expo, Global
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The AI & Big Data Expo Global, the leading Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Conference & Exhibition event will take place on April 25-26th in the Olympia Grand, London. It is a showcase of next generation technologies...

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