Revolutionizing Workplace Communication through Innovative Approaches to Leveraging Technology
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Kaleana Markley, Director of Wellbeing, Sequoia Consulting Group

Ah, open enrollment season! For many companies who renew their benefits on a calendar year, the start of fall represents an exciting, yet stressful, time in which HR leaders are tasked with reviewing, projecting, and confirming the benefits that...

Wireless First for Microsoft Employees
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Brent Hermanson, Principal Manager, Microsoft [NASDAQ:MSFT]

Real-time collaboration and modern work environments require people to be mobile and untethered from their traditional desktops. Our employees expect a seamless wireless experience across multiple devices, starting with ease of connecting to our...

Achieving a Single System Vision Post-Merger
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Carmine Renzulli, EVP & CHRO, Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

The current changes in the technology industry are palpable, as companies continually announce acquisitions, mergers, restructurings and re-brandings. While analysts and investors worry most about how the public views finances and product...

Accelerating Application Deployment through the Cloud
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John Landwehr, VP and Public Sector CTO, Adobe

How Adobe Met Amazon in Three Acts: Applications Go Live: The business owners are anxious to deploy their newly acquired enterprise software solutions. The boxes of software DVDs sit idle for months as the server hardware and network...

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