Trends that are going to change the HR industry
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Suitable candidates are considered as the assets for organizations. The hardships lead to be more strategic for the HR (human resource) team of organizations because HRs’ role is to recruit not only an employee but also understand if the...

In a Brave New World, Recruiting Looks a Lot Like Marketing
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Chris Cho, Chief Product Officer, Monster

The digital age pushed many of us to believe that technology would solve everything. By taking over rudimentary tasks and automating others, tech developments would free up our time to focus on higher priorities—and maybe even cut our...

Technology Growth in HR: Latest Advancements
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Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have shaped a new outlook for several business functions that are creating revolutionary growth. With continuous change in business requirements and deliveries, the human resource departments have also...

Leveraging HR Technology Without Losing the Personal Touch
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Alexandra Basso Moore, Director of Talent Acquisition, Credera

To attract and retain top talent in today’s market, a unique and personable talent experience is everything. Sought after talent will engage with companies that put in the extra effort to demonstrate why their opportunity is the one worth...

Rethinking Integrations to Enable Data-Driven Decisions
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Matthew Brown, Director, Global Integration and API Consulting, Kronos Incorporated

The next time you sit in your vehicle, before you turn on the engine or even fasten your seatbelt, take a moment to close your eyes. Imagine what it would be like to drive without the real-time information provided by all the modern...

Future-proofing in the Age of Disruption
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Wendy Edgar, Americas HR Director, EY

The future of work has arrived. Driven by new advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) as well as shifting employee expectations, the human resources industry is now at an inflection point in transforming to meet the...

Man-machine Association: Integrating AI in workforce
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While the fear of robots, aided by automation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and other technologies taking over jobs traditionally performed by humans has been deep-seated for a long time, researchers suggest that job...

Enabling a Digital Workforce: Upgrading yourself to stay relevant in the race for Super Intelligence
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Peter Malek, Director, Process Performance & Operational Excellence, VMware

Creating an Equal Playing Field Technology is perhaps the greatest equalizer and enabler of today and the future, as the saying goes “no one knows who you are on the internet.” The digital era including internet of things...

Is the Future of HR, AI?
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Bertrand Dussert, VP, HCM Transformation and Thought Leadership, Oracle

With digital technologies now woven through every facet of our society, HR, and almost every other business function, has to rethink processes to meet the demands of the changing marketplace and enhance the employee experience. They understand...

7 Technology Challenges Employers Are Facing Today
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Abdel Tefridj, Chief Innovation Officer, CareerBuilder

Looking to make a technology upgrade? One in 6 employers plan to change their core HR system in 2017 and 45 percent want to purchase new recruitment technologies, but are running into road blocks. CareerBuilder surveyed and interviewed HR...

Enterprise Workflow Automation: A Partnership between LOB and IT Leaders
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Eric Johnson, CFO, Nintex

Almost anywhere you look in IT these days, you hear the same narrative- “This new solution can reduce your IT department’s workload, freeing them to focus on more strategic projects." In the world of business process automation...

3 Strategies to Optimize Workforce Management Technology
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Timothy Manhardt, Practice Manager, Kronos Incorporated

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” ─ Andy Warhol Think back to the last time your organization was involved in a process change-based initiative. What was the outcome?...

Benify: Reinventing Employee Engagement
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Markus Kullendorff, CEO, Josefine Söderqvist, HR Director and Joel Heister, COO

Offers cloud-based solution to help employers of all sizes get closer to their employees and build sustainable employer brands

SabanciDx: Comprehensive HR Management Solutions
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Burak Aydin, General Manager

Provides an HR management solution that helps organizations efficiently track and evaluate their workforce

HCX Technology Partners, Inc.: Driving Value through Adaptive HR Solutions
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Ike Amigo, MD

Provides transformative technology specific to HR and core organizational services

HR Cloud: Employee Engagement Simplifiers
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Damir Davidovic, Co-founder & CEO

HR Cloud’s Workmates connects employees and increases engagement.

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