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HR Outside The Box: Technology that is Transforming the Workplace
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Mary Lemons, VP, Human Resources Solutions, Global Upside

There has never been a better time to be an HR professional. With the advancement of technology transforming how we hire, develop and manage people, HR professionals today have access to everything from sophisticated HR platforms to a plethora...

How Existing Employees Can Help with Social Media Recruitment
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Kelly Barcelos, Digital Marketing Manager, Jobsoid

Companies traditionally prefer mobile recruiting software like an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for hiring candidates. But they are also increasingly turning towards a widespread phenomenon known as ‘social hiring’ or ‘social... Automating High-Volume Recruiting
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Othamar Gama Filho, Founder & CEO

Talentify revolutionizes the way companies find qualified candidates through its programmatic candidate sourcing engine, Advertize, and convert more candidates into hires through its hiring funnel optimization platform,...

JobDiva: Powerful Applicant Tracking System
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Diya Obeid, CEO

Finds and delivers the best profiles from millions of resumes using world-class AI

Info Cubic: Background Checks and Drug Testing Made Simple
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Jason Rennie, SVP of Sales & Marketing

Providing accurate background screening reports to every client, regardless of size

Ascendify: New App Uses Collaboration to Drive Better Hiring Outcomes
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Matt Hendrickson, Founder & CEO

Provides an end-to-end talent acquisition platform that drives collaboration to make better hiring decisions

Kwantek: Powerful and Affordable Solutions to Simplify Recruiting
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R. Collie King, III, CEO & President

Provides assessment tool that can be integrated directly with client’s website that helps them filter through a large volume of candidate applications and identify the best.

Hyrell: Hiring Made Easy With Cloud-based Automation
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Brian Clark, CEO

Provides recruiting and hiring management solutions to businesses to help them find, qualify, engage, and hire the best applicants possible...

BirdDogHR: Easy to use Applicant Tracking through a Cloud - Based Recruitment System
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Ann Torry, VP of Marketing

Offers a recruitment and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) along with onboarding, performance management, learning management, succession planning and managed services

Hirezon Corp.: Transforming HR Processes for Higher Education Industry
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Naray Viswanathan, Founder & President

Provides “Software as a Service” (SaaS) application solutions to improve the HR practices...

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