Technologies Cool-Off Sweats for HR But, Don't Let It Take Over
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John Jersin, Head of Recruiter & Sourcing Product, LinkedIn

1. What do you think are the biggest challenges that HR technologists face in working in a more agile and outcomes-based model? The biggest challenge I see over the next several years is getting more sophisticated about measuring and...

Revolutionizing Corporate Learning via LMS
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Bala Sathyanarayan, EVP, Business Transformation & CHRO, Xerox Technology

The Role of CHRO As the business landscape witnesses the fourth industrial revolution, we are in a position to do anything and everything with the cloud. This revolution has not only influenced the business landscape, but has also impacted...

Owning the Digital Vortex: Leading in Times of Change
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Toni Handler, Global Head of Organizational Leadership & Development, Avanade

Change for the sake of change is often a fruitless, and frustrating, exercise. But strategic change in business is an entirely different matter and critical to sustaining a dominant leadership position in the global marketplace. And that fact...

Striking a Balance between Results and Innovation
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Jennifer Hulett, VP of HR North America, Ericsson

1. How has your HR model changed during the last five years? In the last five years, I’ve seen an increase in the discussions around the HR model in the companies I’ve worked for. Companies are reducing their overhead costs,...

The Transformation of IT Services
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Joel Steigelfest, CIO, Oasis Outsourcing

The role of the CIO is to be an integral member of the executive team focused on accelerating business success through proposing technology-enabled business opportunities, process optimization/ automation and user experiences that match...

Is the Future of HR, AI?
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Bertrand Dussert, VP, HCM Transformation and Thought Leadership, Oracle

With digital technologies now woven through every facet of our society, HR, and almost every other business function, has to rethink processes to meet the demands of the changing marketplace and enhance the employee experience. They understand...

Technology is Changing Rapidly. Is Your HR Approach Keeping Pace?
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Laurie Ledford, CHRO, Marsh & McLennan Companies

In many ways, it’s the best of times for HR professionals as sophisticated technologies continue to replace some of the complicated and decidedly user-unfriendly tools that hamper the productivity of end users—and test the patience...

Technology to Leverage and Enable
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Dave Kipe, SVP, Global Operations, Scholastic [NASDAQ:SCHL]

“Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”—Steve Jobs. "A...

Increasing Agility in the Enterprise with Digital Technologies
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Gaja Nagarajan, Executive Director, Cloud & Enterprise Apps, Maxim Integrated [NASDAQ:MXIM]

From the click of a button on a mobile app, we can get delivery of food, goods, and even maid and home laundry services. Millennials, in particular, are now more tuned towards self-service for many day-to-day needs. Their habits, along with...

Balancing Three Business Dimensions-Operational, Tactical and Strategic
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Joel Steigelfest, CIO, Oasis Outsourcing

Today, the role of the CIO is to be an integral member of the executive team focused on accelerating business success through proposing technology-enabled business opportunities, process optimization/automation and user experiences that match...

Why HR Leaders Must Embrace Data to Create a More Engaged Workforce
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Dermot O’Brien, CHRO, ADP

When HR leaders talk about “engaging and retaining talent,” you might expect them to discuss themes like team-building, or leadership training, or even corporate social responsibility. But what about data and analytics? According to...

Create Happy, Productive Employees with HR Business Intelligence
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Chris Dornfeld, President and Co-founder, Bonfyre

The science of engagement is a hot topic in the HR world. Engaged employees, after all, have been shown to be happier, more productive, and more loyal in the long run. But how does one break down engagement? How do you create a culture where...

Technology Trends and Issues-From a CHRO's Perspective
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Debra Fiori, Corporate VP of Talent Management, Parsons Corporation

Human Capital Management (HCM) directly affects the overall profitability and growth of companies. HCM’s impact is even more pronounced in companies selling services (e.g., financial, engineering, IT,...

How Technology is Transforming HR-A First-Hand Look
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Debbie Lynch, CHRO, Ansell

Three years ago when I joined Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions, I learned that the majority of employee tracking was done on traditional spreadsheets. Both the Board of Directors...

My Recruiters are Social Gurus Utilizing LinkedIn and Facebook for Recruitment
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Ronnie E. Charles, CHRO, City of Baltimore

Best of breed solutions to steer transformational initiatives in organization We have over the last few years moved to revamp our entire HR infrastructure. This has required us to address not only culture, but also dramatic process improvements...

6 Point Guide for Software Selection
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Kristen Goodell, Co Owner, HR Resource Force

Across the spectrum of industries, software has become the backbone that powers the success of modern businesses. From the sales process to inventory management to tracking training and human resources, utilizing software is in every part of doing...

KPMG Releases Powerful Services for Oracle Cloud Applications
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Today to keep pace with the market, enterprises need to go through business transformation from time to time, KPMG, the U.S. audit, tax and advisory firm, has introduced two services for Oracle Cloud Applications at Oracle...

HR Technology- Helping Companies Keep Pace
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Anthony Abbatiello, Principal-Human Capital, Robert Straub, Director-Human Capital, Deloitte Consult

There are significant shifts in the global workplace that organizations must actively manage. Businesses are expanding to new markets. Workforce demographics continue to diversify. Disruptive innovation is creating new business models (e.g.,...

SuccessFactors Introduces New Series of RDS to Simplify HR Management
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FREMONT, CA: Keeping pace with the today’s fast work environment, SuccessFactors, a SAP company and subsidiary of SAP SE, has introduced a progression of rapid-deployment solutions (RDS) to accelerate and simplify implementations of human...

Utilizing a Best-of-Breed Approach for Talent Development
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Carole Watkins, CHRO, Cardinal Health

As we transformed our HR operating model into a shared service, technology played a key role in promoting self service and liberating our HR Business partners to focus on business strategies including talent development and movement, driving...

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