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Digitalisation Making People Services Stronger
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Luigi Maria Fierro, Head of HR Strategy and Innovation, ING Bank

How can companies offer personalized people services that build capability and engagement and at the same time streamline bureaucracy? The answer is in IT, which standardizes platforms, strengthens data capabilities and helps customize solutions...

How Analytics and AI Will Reshape the Future of Banking
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Marc Andrews, VP Watson Financial Services Solutions, IBM [NYSE: IBM]

There are many areas of focus for banking that have the opportunity to be dramatically reshaped by the application of more advanced analytics, including cognitive and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The two most prevalent ones are around...

Analytics: The Golden Ticket to HR Success
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Gary Winant, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources Information Services, L'Oreal USA

Recently, I heard a speaker describe operational reporting like good hygiene: everyone expects it, but nobody pays much attention to it. Many companies are already doing operational reporting well, but in my 20 years at L’Oreal USA,...

The Golden Ticket to Analytical Success in HR
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Gary Winant, Assistant Vice President of HRIS, L’Oreal USA

I was attending a conference recently where the speaker was talking about operational reporting. According to him, operational reporting is like good hygiene—everybody expects it, but nobody pays much attention to it. I’m proud to say...

Going from Reactive to Proactive
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Chirag Padalia, Director of Workforce Strategy, and Analytics, Aurora Healthcare

With recent evolution in the landscape of HR technology, there has been an increase in the number of organizations leveraging data and utilizing it to derive insights that drive their decision-making process. More and more organizations are...

The Analytics Dilemma for HR
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Katherine Jones, Ph.D., Partner and Director of Talent Research, Mercer

Few issues have beleaguered HR professionals like the demand to be more analytical. The calls to analyze massive data sets and take advantage of Big Data have been nearly impossible to answer, and for good reason. In struggling with disparate...

The Transformation of IT Services
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Joel Steigelfest, CIO, Oasis Outsourcing

The role of the CIO is to be an integral member of the executive team focused on accelerating business success through proposing technology-enabled business opportunities, process optimization/ automation and user experiences that match...

Balancing Three Business Dimensions-Operational, Tactical and Strategic
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Joel Steigelfest, CIO, Oasis Outsourcing

Today, the role of the CIO is to be an integral member of the executive team focused on accelerating business success through proposing technology-enabled business opportunities, process optimization/automation and user experiences that match...

Emerging Trend of Workforce Analytics
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Regis Mulot, EVP Global HR, Staples, Inc.

Workforce analytics is one of the hottest trends in Human Resources. In fact, many companies feel behind if they aren’t doing some sort of predictive analytics to improve their HR processes. With so many external pressures for organizations...

A Systematic Approach to Learning and Development
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Deborah Johnson, Senior Manager, L&D, Deloitte Services LP

corporate learning and development (L&D) teams may no longer be able to rely solely on the LMS, LCMS or CMS systems to meet organizational needs. Innovation and technology disruption can drive rapid evolution of the learning profession. These...

Peoplegeeks: Co-creating Agile and Digital Transformations
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Riina Hellström, Director, Digital and Agile Organizational Development

Offers world class change- and program leadership in complex people-related technology, business and HR contexts. Uses agile methodologies and deploys technology stacks to enable businesses to modernize their management-, HR- and...

SabanciDx: Comprehensive HR Management Solutions
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Burak Aydin, General Manager

Provides an HR management solution that helps organizations efficiently track and evaluate their workforce

Strategic Management Decisions: Smarter Analytics for Better Business Outcomes
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Scott Mondore Ph.D., Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Strategic Management Decisions offers the most advanced analytics that translates into actionable ways to improve business outcomes

PayServ Systems: Everything Starts with HR: Changing an entire culture
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Todd Saylor, Founder and President

Offers a full-suite, integrated human capital management (HCM) solution for end-to-end employee lifecycle management

TrenData: Real Insights from HR Data
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Tom McKeown, CEO

Provides cloud based software for HR metrics and trended analytics allowing the HR managers to maximize the business outcomes from HR data

GRI: Technology Optimizes the Non- Employee Workforce
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Jill Parrino,VP, Solutions and Innovation

Provides independent non-employee labor management solutions and services to a wide range of global industries

TruPay: Steering Next-Gen Workforce Optimization
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Mark Rutledge, CEO

Provides cloud-based workforce solutions which include services like payroll, HR, and time and labor

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