XcelHR&"44;s Connect HRIS System Offers Increased Efficiency

By HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, May 15, 2019

FREDERICK, MD: XcelHR announces the launch of its new product XcelHR Connect, an extraordinary HRIS system tailored to assist employers in managing payroll, onboarding, benefits enrollment, and other critical HR functions.

Connect is XcelHR's cloud-based, paperless human resources software that combines time and attendance, onboarding, document management, and payroll processing on one platform. Its user-friendly interface and customizable menu are tailored to meet the company's unique requirements. By automating these business processes, enterprises can avoid errors, and make informed decisions with access to key metrics. It helps business owners to increase productivity.

Connect offers employer with paperless onboarding streamlines process for adding new employees, provides a checklist of new hire onboard documents, online monitoring during the entire built-in process, and reduces physical space required to maintain sensitive documentation in a secure environment. With Connect businesses get

•  Onboard new talents and effortlessly process federal and state forms
•  Web-based enrollment and administration to customize programs to keep in track with employee requirements
•  Manage employee records, HR compliance, and insights
•  Potential to pay employees straightforwardly and accurately
•  Provides employee self-service portal that gives access to reports and information anywhere, anytime
•  Integrates with numerous software products on the market including JazzHR, Time & Labor, and more

With the introduction of Connect, XcelHR continues to push boundaries technologically to bring their clients the best HR management business solutions. 

XcelHR is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) which has expertise in helping SMEs mitigate the employment risk associated with managing employees. It manages the everyday HR administrative tasks related to paying employees, offering benefits, resolving disputes and many more which allows business owners to focus on revenue-generating initiatives.

PEOs partnering with small businesses can be a game changer for attracting new workers and growing the business. The PEO becomes proficient with the business model of each client, building strong mutually beneficial relationships and aiding small businesses to provide services and benefits to their employees that they couldn’t achieve otherwise. Although PEOs are relatively new to the marketplace, they have developed to a flourishing industry catering to a broad range of businesses.

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