WorkForce Software's Partner Certification Program Ensures Organizations Witness Instant ROI

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

LIVONIA, MI: WorkForce Software, a provider of cloud based enterprise workforce management solutions, has unveiled the details about its recently launched partner certification program that allows WorkForce Software partners to deploy and configure EmpCenter workforce management suite.

WorkForce Software partner certification program has been initiated to accommodate partners with in-depth knowledge of EmpCenter software suite and ensure immediate return-on-investment (ROI). There are two levels of certification: the first level WorkForce Software Certified Associates which enforces key concepts of EmpCenter and the more advanced WorkForce Software Certified Professionals that confirms expertise of those concepts.

The EmpCenter suite untangles the complexities that occur while managing employees’ leaves and staff scheduling. It enables organizations to take strategic management and workforce planning decisions by automating tracking of working hours, activities, pay and attendance for every department. EmpCenter uses HTML5 and enable connectivity with other systems, such as payroll and HR. Evaluating labor cost, systemizing labor law compliance and mitigating the risk of employee fatigue are among EmpCenter’s additional offerings. It provides numerous options for time entry, time-off requests and other self-service tasks through online and mobile devices, fulfilling data entry and data access requirements.

"With more and more organizations turning to EmpCenter to manage employee time, schedules and leave administration, there is increased demand for ready access to solution experts from the broader community. This program helps systems integrators and other partners to quickly expand their EmpCenter practice, and produces clear evidence of an individual's expertise," says Travis Burke, VP, Global Growth and Alliances, WorkForce Software.

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