we45 launches their All-In-One AppSec Training Platform

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, April 19, 2021

AppSecEngineer is a hands-on security training platform for individuals and teams in product engineering teams

San Jose, CA - we45, a leading application security company, have launched their brand-new platform for self-paced AppSec training. AppSecEngineer is an all-in-one security learning suite built for individuals and teams looking to sharpen their skills on various domains of application security. Practitioners and enthusiasts can choose from a growing catalog of over 22 courses and 100 hours of video content.

Unlike other security training platforms, AppSecEngineer puts most of its focus on practical, hands-on learning. The platform is loaded with over 80 labs and cyber-ranges across 7 different learning paths.

Since their maiden application security training in 2016, we45 have had sold-out programs at conferences such as BlackHat, DEFCON, and OWASP, and have trained hundreds of product engineering teams through private workshops. The courses on AppSecEngineer are a culmination of all these marquee training programs, and are more fully featured than they've ever been.

"AppSecEngineer is simply the biggest project we've ever undertaken," said Abhay Bhargav, CEO of we45 and the primary instructor on the platform. "We took the kind of focused, super-polished AppSec content that made our conference training so successful and transposed that across our entire catalog of courses. We've looked at both offensive and defensive security in equal measure, and all of our content is firmly aimed at getting real world results."

Part of AppSecEngineer's appeal are the numerous courses in cutting-edge AppSec domains like Container, Kubernetes, Cloud, and Serverless Security. we45 has been pioneering security training in all of these fields for years, and with AppSecEngineer, all of this content is available in one place.

"we45 have set up real-world online Application security training in structured bite-size chunks, said Les Correia, Global Head of AppSec at Estee Lauder. It allows for learning paths that effectively fit into our busy schedules. I like the idea of a one-stop shop for Application security from beginner to advanced that allows for a rounded practitioner from Application security, Threat modeling, DevSecOps, Cloud (etc.) that includes online virtual labs, documentation, live chats and feedback loops."

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