Unlocking the Best Workforce Solutions Offered by People Analytics

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, May 03, 2019

People analyticsTo meet the evolving needs and the changing expectations of the customers the retailing industry has been continually adopting new tech-driven methods maintain its quality standards and profit ratios. Among various challenges faced by the retailers, talent management demands critical importance and assistance. People Analytics is a new technological trend which offers specialized insights into workforce optimization. Talent analytics solutions help the Retail enterprises design effective strategies to support multiple employment styles such as full-time, part-time, contractual, freelancing and more. Tech-driven analytical ideas enable the HR department of retailing companies to realize workforce management goals. Here are a few.

• Improving performance, productivity and profitability

HR can make use of this intelligent employee monitoring system to understand the specialization and the capabilities of the staff and their placement according to the skill set, in order to get the task done by the right worker. With this, the retailers can improve their performance and make sure no employee is under or over-utilized.  

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• Maintaining top competency standards and market value

Sales resources usually face the heat of market position when it comes to customer retention and competition levels. People analytics play a significant role in streamlining the demand and supply measures, capturing and collecting employee feedback, customer responses and market survey reports to strategize business plans and boost the standards of the enterprise.

• Optimizing talent recruitment

People analytics helps the recruiters in balancing between the hiring quality and retention. Fulfilling the needs to accurately maintain employee turnover records the HR team is favored by this smart talent management tool to support successful hiring, by overcoming barriers such as cost and time. 

People analytics seems to be one of the newest software developments to drive retail workforce management. This talent optimization innovation opens various options for retailers to monitor their employee and empower them in dynamic working environments.  

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