Trends that are going to change the HR industry

By HR Tech Outlook | Monday, December 17, 2018

Trends in HR IndustrySuitable candidates are considered as the assets for organizations. The hardships lead to be more strategic for the HR (human resource) team of organizations because HRs’ role is to recruit not only an employee but also understand if the employee can serve as an asset for the very organization and recruit accordingly.

Nowadays technologies have made HR industry evolving to become more efficient, profitable, and enjoyable for employees. This industry is converting into more productive one with the help of advanced technologies. Following are some of the trends, which are transforming the industry:

Artificial intelligence (AI): Talent acquisition is one of the important responsibilities of HR departments, but even they cannot be entirely sure about the hiring. AI technology streamlines this hiring process by relying more on the analytical process instead of by human observations. Also, AI helps in listing relevant interview questions according to the post, employee’s background.

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Robotics Quotient: The HR department has many transactional activities that are ideally suited for robotic process automation (RPA). RPA enables HRs to automate tasks that are rule-based, repetitive, and standardized and results in free-minded HRs who can focus on more strategic and innovative functions as talent development, retention, and policy implementation.

Predictive analysis: HRs deal with large quantities of people data. With the help of predictive analytics, HRs need not rely on gut feeling or soft science; they can rely on proven and data-driven predictive models. Predictive analysis enables HRs to forecast the impact of people policies on the well-being and bottom-line performance of the employees.   

Cloud: Cloud applications play a significant role in the HR industry. Functions of organizations need fast and flexible IT frameworks. Cloud is redefining the frameworks and process of working of the organizations. The competitions in organizations on recruiting processes increase data of a number of candidates and push the organizations to move the information to the cloud. Moving data to the cloud makes HRs’ functions more efficient as it lowers the manual works of HRs. 

By the advancement of technology, HRs are playing a leadership role in the growth of organizations. As HRs are adopting the change with the help of technologies, the organizations will become smarter and more productive.

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