Topia Teams with BCD Travel to Automate Business Travel

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, September 11, 2020

The BCD-Topia partnership strengthens Topia One, Topia's new, end-to-end Global Talent Mobility platform, while furthering its mission to break down barriers between people and places and enable work everywhere.

Fremont, CA: Topia formed a partnership with BCD Travel, one of the world's largest corporate travel management companies, to automate business travel and distributed workforce compliance. Through this partnership, Topia adds value to BCD's clients by pulling their travel booking data into its Topia Compass offering. Topia Compass then calculates tax exposures, multi-jurisdiction payroll withholdings, and immigration requirements while supporting the Posted Workers Directive and other compliance matters. Top 10 Recruitment Solution Companies – 2020

"This partnership with Topia will help our shared clients minimize compliance risks and streamline an important part of their travel and talent mobility workflows," said Yannis Karmis, Senior Vice President at BCD Travel. "Partners like Topia help demonstrate the value of BCD's SolutionSource® marketplace and enable our customers to gain more value from their travel program."

Topia gathers and analyses travel or other location data and personnel records from multiple systems within the enterprise and then automatically calculating tax exposures, payroll withholdings, and immigration or other compliance requirements. BCD offers another valuable source of trusted location data that Topia will analyze to simplify and streamline compliance for Topia and BCD's shared customers. With this integration, Topia adds BCD to its growing list of industry-leading integrated partners.

The Topia-BCD integration works as follows:

• Pre-trip: Topia Compass will analyze booking data from BCD to identify potential visa and immigration considerations and where tax or other compliance exposures could occur.

• Mid-trip: Topia monitors employee movement in real-time to flag tax exposure before it is created and to map the company's global travel footprint for both health and safety reasons, as well as ongoing visa, immigration, and tax compliance. Companies can define thresholds based on their internal risk tolerance to ensure that employees change locations before creating exposure.

• Post-trip: Topia calculates the final compliance obligations and feeds them to relevant systems, such as payroll.

Altogether, data from BCD allows Topia to automate the tracking, reporting, and compliance process for a workforce that is on the move.

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