Tips to improve LMS adoption

Hanna Wilson, HR tech Outlook | Friday, November 23, 2018

Learning management system (LMS) provides learning through collaboration, observation, and interactions by embracing social learning. LMS improves employee engagement and outcomes of the organizations. LMS also cater a platform to share knowledge and ideas among learners. 

There sometimes a miscommunication occurs between those who adopt LMS and who implement it. It is difficult to convince learners to make LMS as a part of their daily functioning. Implementing LMS successfully after the adoption is considered as a challenge faced by the organizations. LMS-providers should supply necessary tools, training to implement it. Organizations face several obstacles in the way of successful LMS adoption as getting through the request for proposals (RFP) stage or selecting the right LMS.

Following are some of the ways to improve LMS adoption after implementation:

Building the right team and support: Organizations need to access representations from all groups that are important in the adoption of the platform. Organizations should not forget the key stakeholders as it leads to their disengagement in the process. Also, the involvement of upper management sponsor is important as it gives traction to different initiatives through time and change.

Planning: Organizations should follow a common goal and that should be easily understood by the learners. As goals serve as a future foundation, they should be sensitive to the environment and culture of the organization. Adherence to the planned strategies also is an important aspect after the planning is done.

Focusing on integrated learning solution: To make learners and results more efficient, save time, and make learners happier organizations should focus on integrating various systems within the premise. 

Enabling professional learning: Organizations should follow the approach of continuous professional learning as it fosters collaborative learning among co-workers. Professional learning makes employees open to learning new things. Finding creative ways to engage employees in professional development is one of the ways to promote a new platform.

Innovating: As LMS offers a lot of opportunities organizations should think beyond the boundaries of the LMS itself. Organizations should build communities of practices, facilitating discussions, and act as a gateway to other services.

Organizations should be conscious of their employees’ wants and needs. LMS helps in that by providing a new system which increases their skills and engagement.   

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