The Must-Have Features in the Organization's Recruiting Software

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, January 17, 2020

Good recruiting software should have Applicant Tracking System, Interview Scheduling, Resume analysis, Process customization, and Social media integration for end-to-end HR management.

FREMONT, CA: Enterprises big or small, irrespective of their size, utilize HR solutions to carry out end-to-end HR management tasks. A recruitment module is an ultimate program that provides turnkey solutions for HR management. It also attracts top talents and helps the organizations to maintain a healthy employee retention rate. Five ideal features of an organization’s recruitment program are discussed below. 

Applicant Tracking System (ATS):

ATS is an essential feature of the program as it a potential time saver. HR teams can view candidates' details and at which stage of the recruitment process they are in, with a click of the mouse. Automatic push alerts and real-time monitoring of the process are its standard capabilities. 

Interview scheduling:

The next critical element after the completion of a job campaign is the scheduling of appointments and interviews with the top candidates. The ATS feature easily syncs with the calendar of the HR team or hiring managers at every stage, so that duplicate schedules are avoided. 

Resume analysis:

Organizations receive resumes all round the year regardless of advertisement. These applicants may or may not include potential employees. The resume analysis feature of the recruitment program reviews the resumes for critical data analysis, such as name, contact details, and core skills. It provides a current database of the candidate profiles so that they could be invited once they have an opening. 

Process customization:

The hiring process changes for every organization depending on the size of the business and the role of the employee. The solution is seamlessly adapted to these unique needs. It will automate the process of business choices and is flexible enough to handle variations for specific roles. 

Social media:

Today, Social media plays a vital role in the HR recruitment process. Organizations have the option to advertise, build talent pipelines, and also conduct an initial screening. HR solution's recruitment module, integrated with a social sharing widget, has the potential to automate this part of the process. 

Organizations can efficiently handle the recruitment processes by adopting efficient recruiting software with all the features discussed above. 

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