Taqtile's Augmented Work Instruction Platform to Support Remote Work with Advanced Capabilities

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The advanced Manifest platform has already demonstrated incredible results, dramatically increasing accuracy and reducing operator errors to zero in some cases.

FREMONT, CA: The Manifest end-to-end, enterprise augmented work instruction platform from Taqtile increases its ability to support remote work with the addition of advanced, real-time instruction capabilities. A new series of innovative features functions like an advanced help center for frontline workers. The benefit is the increased efficiency and accuracy of on-premise workers performing complex repair and maintenance tasks. The new Manifest features empower remote experts to provide more accurate direction to frontline staff with real-time access to the operator’s user interface through the shared Manifest augmented environment.

Taqtile’s introduction of advanced Manifest capabilities changes that by fully leveraging the power of Augmented Reality (AR), sharing the complete experience of the onsite operator with the remote expert. Through enhanced AR communication, an expert can follow the operator through a first-person viewpoint, seeing precisely where they are looking with tracked eye movement. By monitoring the operator’s view, a remote expert can guide the operator with highly-accurate, real-time instruction, including annotating directly in the operator’s environment, using directional arrows or highlights to guide the operator, and augmenting communication with spatial audio.

New Manifest features enable help-center-like interactions between remote expert and onsite operator, enhancing the capabilities and efficiency of frontline workers:

• Virtual ink – Experts can draw and write over the operators’ field of view in real-time.

• Hologram sharing – In addition to the video feed delivered from the headset, operators can share holograms, including any Manifest user interface or 3D models, in their view.

• Wayfinding – Remote experts can render holographic directional arrows in the operator’s field of view to guide them within the onsite environment.

• Eye-tracking – By tracking the operator’s eye position and projecting a directional image to the expert’s desktop, the expert can now precisely follow what the operator is looking at. This feature delivers exponentially more information to the expert, enabling more accurate remote assistance.

“Manifest is leveraging the full potential of augmented reality by enabling enhanced, real-time interactions between operator and expert, by bringing the remote expert into the operator’s environment,” said Mr. Kelly Malone, chief revenue officer, Taqtile. “With these new AR innovations, many requested by loyal customers in industries ranging from manufacturing, transportation, and the defense sector, we’re evolving the very nature of remote work, making it safer, more accurate, and more efficient.”

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