StayWell Maintains URAC Accreditation as a Health Content Provider

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, June 28, 2019

YARDLEY, Pa., June 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- StayWell, a health empowerment company, is proud to announce that it maintains its status as a premier provider of health content through its continued URAC accreditation as a Health Content Provider. URAC is the independent leader in promoting healthcare quality through leadership, accreditation, measurement, and innovation. By achieving this status, StayWell has demonstrated a comprehensive commitment to quality care, improved processes and better patient outcomes.

StayWell's Content Standards Council ensures its Krames education material receives a continuous review from more than 150 different standards bodies. All content adheres to the latest industry guidelines and is reviewed and/or updated every 24 months through a four-tier medical review cycle. Through a diverse set of distribution channels, including FHIR apps and EHR integration, online resources, printed, digital, and video resources, StayWell's high-quality, validated content leverages the science of behavior change to improve patient health and drive greater treatment adherence.

"For over 40 years, our Krames award-winning content has been a leading source of health information used by providers, employers, and health systems to actively improve patient health, for the good of the organization and humanity alike," said Nicole Latimer, Chief Executive Officer of StayWell. "Our continued accreditation by URAC demonstrates our commitment to improving population health outcomes by continuing to provide accurate, timely, easy-to-understand health content."

"It is common sense that you cannot believe everything you read on the Internet, but The StayWell Company has gone to great lengths to be an exception by achieving independent Health Content Provider Accreditation from URAC," said URAC President and CEO Shawn Griffin, M.D. "With URAC's rigorous and independent accreditation standards for healthcare-related content that demand disclosure, quality oversight, and accountability, StayWell demonstrates that it can be a trusted source of health information."



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