SmartRecruiters Corporate Edition: A Hiring Platform to Simplify Employer's Task

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: SmartRecruiters, a provider of online web solution for recruiters to ease the recruiting process, announces the launch of SmartRecruiters Corporate Edition that applies a new method for hiring by combining marketing, collaboration and insights. The new solution powers employers to hire the right candidates with higher percentage of success rate.

SmartRecruiters Corporate Edition takes a simplified, re-imagined approach to provide control, configuration and integration for recruiters eliminating the choice of using outdated applicant tracking systems. The solution helps employer scale the workforce with inclusion of hiring-process customization, referral management, offer management, Application Program Interface (API) and supplier integration.

SmartRecruiters, a one-stop shop recruiting software, provides employer to a new way to hire employees not just by introducing applicant tracking system but engaging candidates as well as collaborating with the team and understand the results.

“The unprecedented enterprise demand for SmartRecruiters is a loud and clear signal that large employers are ready to close the door on an old generation of software and move forward with a new kind of platform designed to make them successful,” says Jerome Ternynck, CEO, SmartRecruiters.

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