ShiftHound's Online Staff Scheduling and Open Shift Management (OSM) Now on iOS and Android

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

SAN DIEGO, CA: In addition to the existing web application, ShiftHound has newly introduced a mobile app for Online Staff Scheduling and Open Shift Management (OSM) application useful for both Managers and Staff.

Delivered as a native app for both iOS and Android devices with a familiar user experience in each environment, any organizations that work in shifts are eligible to use the software to reduce labor costs, prevent overtime, increase scheduling efficiency and more.

“With the new Mobile App for Android and iOS, Staff gets a much more robust and integrated experience when they access ShiftHound from their smartphones and tablets,” says Doug Bertozzi, Chief Technology Officer, ShiftHound.

The mobile application offers capabilities to access and manage work schedule from anywhere, anytime. It brings about better staff  employer connectivity, increases job satisfaction and creates a better work environment. Open shift issues can be also be resolved efficiently and quickly than before.

Staff can easily check shift details and pick up open shifts in a single click from their device, anywhere and anytime with the app. Employees are given access to manage their schedules that saves time creating more desirable work options. Self-scheduling capabilities offered include requesting open shifts, swapping shifts, submitting PTO, setting work availability and communication preferences.

The schedules on ShiftHound Calendar can be synced with the device’s Calendar by integrating into the device’s OS notification stream. Alerts on Open Shift are sent to the employees and they can request for a particular shift with single-click. Staff can also receive notifications on schedule changes, approvals and broadcasts of organization announcements via the app.

“The new Mobile App makes ShiftHound an even more collaborative tool for our clients. Via the Mobile App on their smartphone, our 100,000 plus ‘Facebook generation’ users will be more efficient and effective in helping organizations meet their challenging day-to-day scheduling needs ,” says Ken Coons, Vice President, Client Experience.

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