Oyster® Releases Oyster for Contractors to Make it Easy for Companies to Hire, Onboard, and Pay Contractors all Over the World

HR Tech Outlook | Saturday, December 04, 2021

Fremont, CA: Oyster, the company that makes recruiting people around the world compliant, human, and delightful, is helping companies and contractors to work together quicker and easier than ever before. Oyster for Contractors covers the essential needs for compliant contracts, accurate payouts, fast e-signatures, and tax form collection all in one place.

Companies that hire contractors are frequently under pressure to either endure lengthy onboarding processes or hire quickly at the risk of compliance and payment accuracy. Contractors are also subjected to unnecessary stress as they wonder when and how they will be paid for their work. Companies increasingly need the ability to hire compliantly, quickly, and safely pay their contractors anywhere in the world, using any currency, and at a transparent currency exchange rate in the world of distributed work. Similarly, contractors must be able to focus on the job at hand rather than worrying about being paid on time.

Oyster for Contractors offers a quick and easy experience for businesses and contractors. Onboarding new contractors take only a few minutes instead of days. The new product facilitates a smooth experience across hiring, payroll, and tax compliance, the latter of which is made easier by the inclusion of relevant forms such as the United States Internal Revenue Service's Form 1099. Companies can hire contractors who live in countries where those companies do not have their own entities — for example, a company based in the United States can hire contractors in Spain. Similarly, Oyster for Contractors can help companies that want to work with in-country contractors, such as a company based in the United States working with a contractor based in the United States.

"Providing everyone access to great job opportunities, irrespective of location, is key to the work revolution we're all living in today. Accessing the global talent pool, however, still comes with certain challenges, particularly for companies hiring contractors. Many companies continue to deal with inconsistent hiring processes and compliance risk," stated Jack Mardack, Cofounder of Oyster®. "With Oyster for Contractors, both contractors and companies can put their minds at ease, knowing they will have a smooth and seamless experience. This follows our commitment to democratizing access to both talent and careers globally."

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