Key to Succeed in Employee Engagement and Retention

By HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 12, 2019

HR has gained attention because of the technology breaking and blurring the lines in society. Technology has also given birth to social media, which has given companies a platform to connect and promote their brand with the community. The interaction of the candidates of a company helps to visualize what their experience would be like should they join the company. Companies are increasingly using storytelling to share vision, mission, and culture, which were earlier elusive from the general public. Companies are also using storytelling for improving training, and development programmes, coaching and leadership communication.

Workplaces around the globe see significant transactions, as the previous generation are leaving the workplace, and are continuously replaced by the millennials. The monumental shift has forced the companies to rethink employee perks and benefits strategy. Officevibe also validates this change in their survey, which revealed that only 12 percent of employees leave their jobs for money and 43 percent left positions due to benefits, culture, and growth.

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All these transitions highlight that companies have to win the millennials actions that are centered around community, pampering, development, convenience, and culture. In contrast, traditional perks and benefits no longer appeal to today’s employees. Increasingly HR is tapping into the startup mindset by creating a fun and an interactive workplace that encourages health, wellness and a commitment to development.

Companies that embody a culture of coaching enable their employees to innovate and become leaders. According to the Harvard Business Review, more than 50 percent of employees now seek feedback to their managers on a monthly basis. HR should take the initiative to work with department managers to make them genuine coaches, good listeners, and better leaders. To best utilize this underrated skill, HR will need to present coaching at all levels of business to boost and equip accountability between departments.

The workplace is also increasingly becoming more diverse, as more people travel for the first time. This new trend where people are moving across borders for work provides HR for cultivating and promoting inclusive and diverse culture in the company.

HRs must also ensure that their employees stay ahead of the technology curve; this keeps the employees motivated. Studies reveal that investment in employees helps keep the company competitive.

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