ITA Launches Talent Hunt Portal

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

CHICAGO, IL:  Illinois Technology, a strategic programming and consulting company is introducing ITA(Illinois Technology Association) Talent Portal, a platform to enhance job search and application search. The portal’s objective is to make recruiting and hiring process flexible in Illinois and Chicago.

“What we know to be true, is that talent and hiring, particularly in tech companies is a challenge, ITA Talent portal with support as an helping hand, our goal is to make it easier for companies who are growing rapidly to get in front of the right people and build a stronger team,” says Trisha Degg, Talent Program Manager for ITA.

The key feature of portal is, it provides job boards and two candidate database one for professional job seekers (Talent Network) and other for students (College Network); the portal allows people to share information or apply for a job and will provide constant notifications. The benefits include alert on new job opportunities in accordance with interests and provides opportunity to share on different social media platforms. 

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